Remember Barack Obama Talking Tough for Iranians in 2009? No? See the Results

Here are just a small fraction of them.

Iran is increasing the number of people executed on trumped up charges, say critics of the brutal Islamist regime. Photo: NewswithViews

From Jim Kouri, Law Enforcement Examiner

Iran’s killing spree of innocent prisoners increasing

February 8th, 2011 7:51 am ET

“The radical Islamic government of Iran is reportedly executing prisoners at an alarming rate, according to International Campaign for Human Rights.  Iran is suspected of executing one person every eight hours. Since the beginning of 2011, Iran has executed 87 people on various charges.”

While the international news media and government officials are preoccupied with events occurring in Egypt, the Iranian government’s execution of a Dutch-Iranian woman government officials claimed was involved in drug smuggling has created a firestorm in Amsterdam, Holland over the weekend.

In this observer’s humble opinion, Iran’s regime of tyrants is a part of the plan of the Marxofascist, plus temporarily Islamofascist “New World Order”– and the word has been out, to protect it.

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