Gulag Night: Jack Cashill on his New Book Deconstructing Obama Monday 2/14, 10pmET

Gulag Night

Monday 2/14, 10pm-Midnight

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Barack Obama




Who is he, really?


.Listen to Jack Cashill, Ph.D., author, investigative journalist, historical researcher, and literary analyst, the evening before his new book is released!

.Click here, to order Deconstructing Obama

Jack will also give us his views of the CPAC conference and it’s fireworks.


He was there and so was James Simpson, who will also be joining us, to share in the discussion.  Jim is doing an excellent series on the globalist tyranny of Agenda 21, in America’s neighborhoods – “think globally, act locally.”

Join Arlen Williams, Tallulah Starr & CJ in TX, Monday night

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