Stanley Kurtz on Obama’s Socialism

Very informative interview with Stanley Kurtz, author of “Radical-in-Chief:Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism”.

Kurtz’s meticulously documented book proves far beyond  any reasonable doubt that Barack Obama is and has always been a covert socialist.

Kurtz’s book is a must read.

Video: Uncommon Knowledge, Peter Robinson’s 1/5/2011 interview of Stanley Kurtz

For KeyWiki summaries of Obama’s socialist/communist connections go here, here and here.

Gulag Notes:

This interview is presented in five segments.  After the first, the rest may be chosen one after the other, through the viewer.

Many Gulag visitors may already know a great deal of what is presented here, plus much more.  For those, the final segment may be most important.  We suggest patience with Kurtz’ cautious approach. Kurtz’ skeptical manner and obvious concern for thoroughly scholastic objectivity may reach those who are pre-conditioned and personally enculturated against “red scares.”  In the Gulag’s view, even he at this point, seems not to understand the pervasiveness of the Marxist view of sociology and politics within America and likely, the world, especially in its most structurally powerful phases.  (And after all, do you or I, yet?)

The thumbnail photo is from National Review Online, “Stanley Kurtz was Wrong,” January 31, 2011.

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