Glenn Beck Hired Recent Huffington Post CEO? WTBlaze! Updated

I hadn’t caught this until now. Here it is from Scott Baker, now their Editor in Chief and right from the horse’s mouth, January 5, 2011.  Title: “Beck Announces: Media Heavyweights Join Management Team at The Blaze .


New York, NY, January 5, 2011 – Former Huffington Post CEO Betsy Morgan and Former Premiere Radio Networks President Kraig Kitchin will join The Blaze, Glenn Beck’s four month-old information network, it was announced today by Christopher Balfe, President & COO of Mercury Radio Arts.

Morgan will be based in New York, and Kitchin will be based in Los Angeles.


“The Blaze is very fortunate to welcome Betsy and Kraig to the team,” said Beck. “Betsy has proven herself to be a successful media executive and leader in the digital media space, and her unique perspective and experiences will be valuable in building The Blaze as a vibrant, impactful community. Kraig is a veteran advertising executive whose strong relationships and vast media experience will help forge new partnerships and further develop our brand.”


Morgan most recently served as the CEO of the award winning Huffington Post from 2007 until 2009, playing a pivotal role in the company’s expansion.  Under her leadership, the site grew from 4 million to 22 million unique visitors and doubled its ad revenue.  Morgan expanded the number of content verticals to ten, incorporated over 3,000 new blogging contributors, and raised $25 million in new funding. Prior to her tenure at the Huffington Post, Morgan spent 10 years at CBS News, where she worked as vice president of the news division in the digital sector, and later as senior vice president of CBS Interactive and the general manager of She is a graduate of Colby College and Harvard Business School.

So, let me get this straight.  Glenn Beck hired a woman who made the Huffington Post what it is today, so to speak.  Did Betsy Morgan take part in building up their liaisons between HuffPo and the other neo-Marxist media operators and operations with which they so closely work?  Did she initiate the money making biz-talks between Huffington and Soros?  If so, just how did she sell such concepts?  Are we to believe it was without a hint of the motivator of ideology?  If not, just what does a CEO of The Huffington Post do?

Arianna Huffington, transnational progressive, i.e., NWO Marxofascist, Soros financed.

I mean, after she decided she preferred that job to CBS News.

Edward R. Murrow, Fabianist, Frankfurt School communist agent

Big, fuzzy-headed NWO neo-Marxist moneymaker with yacht and pipe breath

It’s been a few weeks now. Has Beck done some ‘splainin’?

Is this essentially a business building proposition to you all?

Now, one wouldn’t question Mr. Beck’s so often leading edge patriotism.  I have tended to see him as having a kind of mogul’s attitude, though.  George Soros said Beck is out to rule the world.  I don’t think his ambition is that high, of course, to oversee a whole planet.  No, not in this earthly life, but permit me to offer my own concern.

Glenn Beck’s personality is something to be aware of.

So anyway, how about that, Glenn?  Did Ms. Morgan have some great change of heart since somewhere round 2007-2009?

‘Splainittome Betsy?

G u l a g     B o u n d

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  1. She must have defected. Whittaker Chambers did, after all

  2. Many, many of Fox News Channel’s talking heads and reporters are from CNN and elsewhere in the liberal media. Is it possible that these, too, are “defectors”, for lack of a better word? David Horowitz and Andrew Breitbart (also a former HuffPo alum), after all, are perfect examples of conservatives who have been in the other camp. Who best to tell you how they think and what the game plan is?

    Why don’t we wait and see what Beck says about this…because eventually he will talk.

    • Not to be too repetitive but why don’t they explain now, if they are so sure of what they are doing, as to make such decisions?

      Also, there has been a notable difference between working for Arrrrianna a couple years ago and working for a half dozen years ago.

      • Is there a difference? Not to hear Andrew Breitbart tell it.

        I prefer to hold my judgment for now. I don’t have all the information and would prefer not to jump to conclusions.

        • I agree with there being no need to jump to any conclusions. Neither would there seem to be any need for mystery. This is the kind of job switch that requires an explanation from the outset.

          This is not like moving from ESPN to Fox Sports, or from Microsoft to Oracle. This is a time of war, frankly, a soft war against our very authenticity as a free nation of Sovereign Citizens. During WW-II, if a Nazi general became a general under Eisenhower, it would require an explanation. Now that may seem an extreme example, but this extremely subtle war is war, in which we struggle for our existence.

          As for A-r-r-ianna, there may have been a semblance or facade of an attempt at balance early on with HuffPo’s existence but by 2008 it was clear the site was a tool set for NWO neo-Marxism.

  3. I think the term ‘neo-con’ actually means one who was formerly a liberal, but saw the light and came over to the right side. Not sure though, so feel free to explain.

    I think we should start a big push to get people to defect. Even get some elected officials to switch sides.

    Just thinking about it makes me feel happy!

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