Munitions Explosion in Caracas Chavez ‘Disrupted’ Live Blog 1-30: Venezuelans Ready to Confront Military to Defend Homes is live blogging beginning this Sunday morning, as events of critical importance are planned in the Sur del Lago region of Venezuela (translated “South Lake” with its key city, Santa Barbara). Just last Sunday, hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans gathered in Caracas and in cities around the world, to peacefully protest against the Marxist dictatorship of Hugo Chavez and to demand their land and freedoms be returned to them. It has not  happened.

One week later, they will be taking as yet unspecified measures at the farms of Sur del Lago and are planning for confrontation with Venezuelan military. They say they have had enough and will confront the tyranny. Gulag Bound will be receiving reports from at least one Venezuelan there on the ground, during the day.  Please pray for all concerned and for the people of Venezuela.

Update 11:05am CT ~ Live Blogging from Saturday night through this Sunday, at the link below.  There you can see reports, including video, of the explosion and fire earlier today, in a Caracas area ammunitions storage facility (a separate situation) — also links to key Venezuela news reports in numerous venues around the world.

Update: 2:07pm CT ~ There are rumors on the ground in Venezuela that Hugo Chavez may have fled the country.  He failed to show up for his Sunday morning TV program (worship service?) with only a feeble excuse.   More on this in the Live Blog:

Ulf Erlingsson: Hugo Chávez canceled his weekly TV show Alo Presidente, with no credible excuse. The suspicion is that he has left the country without the permit of the Congress, which would mean that he – legally speaking – has abandoned his post as president of Venezuela. They are now trying to locate him to counter this rumor.

Update: 2:20pm CT ~ Ulf Erlingsson: Breaking, a pilot just told me Chavez plane seems to be gone.

Update: 2:45pm CT ~ Ulf Erlingsson: Chavez is live on TV at at CAVIM [munitions factory, the site of the explosion] interviewing those eye witnesses….

Further updates will occur here:

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Gulag Bound has been covering the Chavez crisis since his Merry Chavismo farm and business confiscations, beginning just before this past Christmas.  See this entry for a list of reports and commentary. We have also published the news in Big Peace.

Perhaps the most thorough analysis of Chavez’ tyrannies may be found in our 1/19 article, “Sunday 1/23 May be Make or Break for Venezuela – and Eventually, America.”  We will be expanding upon this in another article exploring the threat a communist Venezuela presents to the region.

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A Russian base in Venezuela? They have delivered Suhkoi-30 advanced fighter jets, battle tanks T-72, and have signed a deal to establish a 200 km2 banana plantation south of Lake Maracaibo. In December the government under Hugo Chávez confiscated 47 farms of about that surface area around Santa Barbara. Sunday January 30 they are reportedly planning to confiscate houses and lots in Santa Barbara itself, perhaps to get housing for the Russians. The gendarmes (GN) are assisting with these confiscations. They call it expropriations, but they don’t pay compensation so it is really squatting, and there is no legal procedure involved.

Just like Castro did on Cuba 50 years ago; in fact, Raúl Castro is to this day living as a squatter in a house that belongs to a friend of mine. All of this is of course blatant violations of the UN declaration of universal human rights. Many regular folks in Venezuela are determined to prevent this, to stand up to the military, and the live blog [here] is set up so they can post their tweets and photos in real time as events unfold. However, the real deal behind this is oil: In return for this banana [plantain] contract the Russians got $1.6 billion worth of stocks in the Venezuela government-owned oil company PDSVA. Where are the oil reserves of Venezuela? Take a wild guess. Yes, around Lake Maracaibo. I’d say that this makes Chávez the biggest Quisling since, well, the original Quisling.

Santa Barbara is located SW of Lake Maracaibo, about 90 km from the border to Colombia. It has a 2600 m airfield

Photos of military operations in the area 2011-01-27:

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