This Gulag Night: Venezuela, What Now? Who Props up Dictator Hugo Chavez?

Thursday, 1/27/2011, 10pm-Midnight, EST… 7-9pm PST

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The Bound will be looking for key videos and photos of last Sunday’s Stop Dictadura Rally in Caracas and elsewhere, and posting them in this entry, below.

Gulag Night

Guests: Trevor Loudon, Toby Westerman & Sher Zieve give their take on these questions.  Also, Tallulah Starr will be analyzing last Sunday’s “Stop Dictadura” protests and reporting critical news.

Trevor Loudon

Trevor Loudon informs the free world of global Marxist’s doings at New Zeal blog:
and through KeyWiki catalogues their subversive insurrections:

Toby Westerman analyzes current world problems as editor and publisher of International News Analysis and International News Analysis Today:

Sher Zieve informs and comments on authentic America”s fight for survival at Gulag Bound and numerous other venues.

Call in with questions & comments — 310/807-5060

Join the Bound for another intel analysis in the Soft War waged by Marxofascists seeking global empire — including control over your life, here in America.

Gulag Resistance Agents,  Tallulah Starr, Janet Smiles, and possibly CJ in TX and James Simpson also join host, Arlen Williams; we look forward to your listening or calling.  Ulf Erlingsson may be able to make the broadcast, for a few minutes.  He reports on Venezuelan doings at and tweets at

G u l a g   B o u n d

Pertinent Prior Entries

The crowd, 1/23

From AP

Participant video

Video of 1/23 Anti-Dictatorshiop Protest,
Concentración en Caracas contra la dictadura, 23-01-11.wmv
h/t: Ulf Erlingsson

A/V from 1/24

Video 1/23, “Venezuela’s Farmers Stand Off With Chavez Over Land Seizures,”
“I developed all of this using my own intelligence and my own labor. And now that everything is going well, the government comes along and steals it from me. Strips me of my land and my ideas.”

From on 1/23 a collage of photos are viewable here.

Further items from the rally, from Globovision (text translated to English)

Video, 1/23, with article: “Opposition went out “in defense of the democracy

Video, 1/23, with article: “Ex- oil workers of Zulia declared in Caracas

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