Muslim Speaker at CPAC has Extremist Ties

Reported at the Jawa Report:

Islamic extremist Suhail Khan to be featured at CPAC 2011

Frank Gaffney at Big Peace reports today on the appearance of Islamic extremist Suhail Khan at CPAC 2011 next month. Note that Khan is on the board of the American Conservative Union (ACU), which operates CPAC and is a protege of GOP activist Grover Norquist, who as Gaffney notes co-founded the Islamic Institute with top Al-Qaeda fundraiser Abdurahman Alamoudi.

Then from Creeping Sharia:

Suhail ‘CPAC’ Khan’s mother an exec at CAIR chapter with anti-FBI poster

It turns out that the mother of Suhail Khan – the so-called “conservative” Muslim being exposed for his terrorist ties – is an executive member of the CAIR chapter who produced the poster.

From Front Page Mag:

Who is Suhail Khan?

Suhail Khan, a Bush administration veteran, has presented himself as a moderate, pro-American voice in the Muslim Community

Mr. Khan’s mother works for CAIR, and is listed alongside Ahmad as a member of the executive committee of CAIR’s San Francisco Bay Area chapter. Malika Khan’s chapter last week put up a poster on its website advising Muslims: “Don’t talk to the FBI,” and “build a wall of resistance” against law enforcement.

But that’s not all. According to the “Contra Costa Times” and other local press, Mr. Khan’s family mosque has hosted several Taliban supporters, while raising money — unwittingly or not — for Hamas through its U.S. charitable front, the Holy Land Foundation. The mosque happens to be held in trust by another unindicted Holy Land co-conspirator — the North American Islamic Trust. The government recently blacklisted Saudi-funded NAIT as part of the Hamas fundraising conspiracy. It also happens to be the banker to the Muslim Brotherhood network in America.

But it’s not just the mosque that’s a concern. Mr. Khan’s father also founded the Santa Clara-based American Muslims for Global Peace and Justice, whose chairman defended the Taliban even after 9/11, according to the Associated Press. So what “peace” and what “justice” are we talking about here?

Despite these troubling family ties, Mr. Khan has vowed to carry on his “dear father’s shining legacy,” as he calls it. Before his conviction on terror charges, top Muslim Brotherhood leader Alamoudi said he hoped to see this “son of a dear, dear Brother” in the White House one day as “vice president … Allah Akbar!”

That should give everyone in Washington pause.


From Front Page Mag:

Son of Hamas Founder Speaks of Islam

Author of 'Son of Hamas'

Mosab Hassan, is the son of the founder of Hamas.  He grew up in a family that lived and breathed that heady ideology.  As a young man he assisted his father for years in his political activities.  He converted to Christianity and operated undercover in the service of Israel’s intelligence agency for a decade.  All of this is detailed in his book “Son of Hamas”.

In an interview with Sean Hannity Mosab insists that there are no moderate Muslims and we ignore his intimate knowledge at our peril.

Mosab Hassan Yousef: “The god of the Koran hates Jews anyway, if there was “occupation” or not”

The problem is with the god of Islam”

“this is not about being brainwashing, this is how people grow up everything around you in that society school, street every evet is telling you those facts about Islam.”


Hannity: We keep hearing about  that there is a distinction, the difference between radical Islam and mainstream Islam

Mosab Hassan Yousef: This is a big mistake. Comparing between moderate Muslims and  fanatics. This is not how we compare it.  All Muslims to me  are the same. At the end of the day they believe in thegod of the koran and they believe that  this koran is from that god.

Hannity: You’re saying that most Muslims think that jihad is where they need to go

Mosab Hassan Yousef: It’s not their choice. If they believe that the koran is from the word of god ………..

Hannity: So let me ask this again. So when people talk about moderate Islam, you’re saying it doesn’t exist?

Mosab Hassan Yousef: It doesn’t exist.

Mosab speaks as a repentant Christian to warn those of us who desire to obey Jesus’ command to “love your enemies” that these enemies want nothing less that our annihilation and that this is exactly what their religion demands.  We do well to also listen to Jesus’ warnings: “Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.”

” Beware of the dogs, beware of the evil workers, beware of the false circumcision….”

We need to listen to our Lord who said, “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” Matthew 10:16

Islam is a false religion hostile to God, intent upon the destruction of Judaism and Christianity, and the death of all believers (their infidels).  We can not allow our enemies to infiltrate our political parties and speak words dipped in honey yet designed to lull us into accepting the poison of Sharia and Islam as harmless.   Be wise!


  1. —-HUAC meets Nuremberg Inquiry and Tribunal ASAP.

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