Republican and Marxist Date Night in D.C.

Never before has a State of the Union address drawn such attention for such an absurd notion. The capitol is atwitter over who will sit with whom on their first official Congressperson-to-Congressperson dates. What should I wear, will I clash with what he/she is wearing? Who will drive? Is it okay for me to wear cologne/perfume? Should I place my arm in his/hers or should we just hold hands and sing “Kumbayah?” So many questions for such an expected giddy whirlwind of a night! And why all of this excitement? For the first time in four years the Republicans have control of one of our Congressional houses–so the Marxists (aka “former Democrats”) have pulled out one of the myriad weapons from their still-growing arsenal.

Using the Tucson shootings–which had nothing whatsoever to do with politics except that the shooter’s two favorite books are the Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf (decidedly not conservative readings) as their faux raison d’état, the Marxist party has called for “civility” and strongly encouraged the two political parties to sit together at tonight’s State of the Union address. Remember that one of the Marxist Party’s mottos is the Saul Alinsky inspired and Rahm Emmanuel spoken: “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Embarrassing to all of us who elected them, many Republicans–as if hearing the pipes calling from their master in Hamelin–almost immediately agreed to do the bidding of the Marxist Party. The obvious problem, of course, is that US Marxist Party dear leader Obama will deliver a political speech to which the Marxists will jump to their feet–multiple times–in wild applause. The Republicans–sitting next to them–will literally be overshadowed and “over-shouted.”

Question: Is there something in the Washington D.C. water that immediately emasculates males–but, only Republican men?

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Suffice it to say, Marxist Party-planted Republicans (aka “RINOs”) are ecstatic about this adventure in siding with those who are so obviously destroying our country. A few of their names are included in the reference below. Folks, if we are serious about saving our country, civility should not even be a consideration In fact, making ‘nice-nice’ with its destroyers is just short of criminal. However, perhaps these RINOs have already–after the final enslavement of We-the-People is accomplished–been promised their own regions to rule over as they so desire.

Our primary purpose should and must be to stop the current country-killing policies, remove the US Marxist-Leninist Party (formerly the Democrat Party) from power and to send as many RINOs as is possible with them. It is far better and wiser to exhibit courage and honor in the face of adversity than the uncalled for and patently insane expression of succumbing to one’s slayers–especially when they are in the minority. In 1791, Peter Pindar wrote in his work, Rights of Kings: “To this great truth, a Universe agrees, ‘He who lies down with dogs, will rise with fleas’.” I suspect the scratching on Wednesday will be relentless.

State of the Union address: who’s sitting with whom:

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