Update Outrage: Christian Holidays Omitted from EU School Calendars by Communist Commissioner

Reported in theNews.Poland:

Outrage after Halloween in, Easter out of EU calendar

The Association of Catholic Families from the city of Legnica, western Poland, has filed a complaint in response to what is being deemed as a prejudiced EU calendar that excludes Christian holidays.

The educational calendar, created for distribution in the 27 EU states, has been printed in over 3 million copies for 2011.

Whilst Sikh, Muslim and Jewish holidays have been included, Christmas, Easter and  All Saints have not made it into the calendar.

The Polish edition comes under the honorary patronage of the the Ministry of National Education, whilst the foreword was written by EU Commissioner Janusz Lewandowski, factors which have further exasperated many Poles.

However, Poland is not alone in being irked by the EU publication. Objections have already been raised by French and Dutch politicians, amongst others.

In the response to the rumpus, an EU spokesman has said that the omissions were made “without any deliberate intent,” and that the same mistake would not occur in the 2012 edition. (nh)

Reported in Con Underground:

EU Education Commission Communists: Christians not Allowed

Communist Androulla Vasiliou banned Christianity from EU student calendars

There is one thing that socialist and communists fear. That one thing is, as we’ve said all along, CHRISTIANITY.

The latest evidence of this is the European Union “student calendar” for 2010-2011. This particular piece of liberal propaganda prominently features Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Shich, and Chinese festivals and holidays but not a single  Christian holiday. Christmas and Easter, the holidays celebrated by over 90% of the European population are not even mentioned  in the calendar.

The printing of 5 million copies of this anti-Christian calendar  is not a mistake.

The Eucation Commission Chairman is one Androulla Vasiliou. Mrs. Vasiliou is an ardent communist  just  like her husband Mr George Vasiliou.   The later’s father was a very prominent communist   party member  just don’t call his son or daughter in law that because it is so gauche. The approved  term is “liberals” but we’ll stick to the truth and call them what they are, Godless communists

Vasiliou the father fought and killed Christians during the Greek civil war .  

After the communists lost the war Mr George Vasiliou , the beloved husband of Andrula Vasiliou- the current European Union Education commissioner- was sent by his communist father  to school in Hungary where he was a devoted student of one, professor  Imre Nagy.  Imre Nagy was a Hungarian communist politician  who served two terms as Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the People’s Republic of Hungary.

If you think this doesn’t relate to you because this is America… I encourage you to look at this article posted in Communislam for further reading.

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