Anita MonCrief on Hannity Radio Today to Discuss Formation of First Black Tea Party

Painting of Boston Massacre & Crispus Attucks

Anita MonCrief, infamous ACORN whistleblower, will go on Sean Hannity’s radio show this afternoon in the 3 -4 pm (eastern) time slot to discuss the founding of America’s first black Tea Party.

Named after the first person to die in the Revolutionary War, the Crispus Attucks Tea Party was founded Tuesay, January 18th, 2011, at “This Is It” soul food restaurant in the heart of Houston, Texas’ 18th District.

(Read the interesting original court documents about the “Boston Massacre,” including a dramatic description of Attucks’ slaying, here.)

The 18th District is Represented by Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, and was the focal point of rampant ACORN-style vote fraud and widespread voter intimidation this past November. It is thus fitting that this tea party had its inaugural meeting right down the street from Lee’s residence.

With the typical politesse and considerate attitude of conservatives — always left unreported by the press (do ya think?)  — Rep. Lee was extended an invitation to the event. And with typical leftist rudeness, Lee snubbed it. Wonder why? These are her constituents, after all.

Surprisingly, the local Fox News channel reporting on the event hastened to observe that many attendees at this founding meeting were white. Simply unbelievable. Is it not even possible to attend an event in support of the group without the information being somehow skewed by the media to suggest that it wasn’t “authentic” because white people were there???

One blogger put up a hilarious parody of liberal hypocrisy, observing that if they could get away with it, liberals would report the event as: White Tea Party Racists Attend Black Tea Party.

Well, never mind. “The times they are a changin!” Yes they are, and the media is getting the message, whether they want to hear it or not. We are not going away.

Be sure to listen in to Anita’s description of this exciting event and how it all came to be.


  1. I am excited that Black Americans are energized and see the need to get involve however the concept of a “Black Tea Party” IMO is counter to our cause. Throughout the history of the leftist movement they have made it a critical part of their oplan to divide all the citizenry in this nation by race, religion and financial status because it allows them to pit us against each other through lies, deceit and political manipulation. If that hasnt been obvious to you, you have been sleeping.
    One of the Domestic’s main attacks on the Tea party movement has been to accuse them of racism because there are not enough blacks in the movement.. now we have someone wanting to create a Black Tea party that not only creates the division between our common goals based on race for our domestic enemies the concept of such a ludicrous attempt is received by the so called “conservative media” with “Hurrahs” as if its a good thing.. makes me wanna say Hmm.. who’s side are these two really on.. since Quislings abound we should be more careful who we side with. The Domestic left has historically used the tactic of destruction by assimilation and this has all the ear marks but thats just my opinion

    • It’s mostly just a Tea Party in this “inner city” area, which is mostly black. There are all sorts of ways of grouping together with others. Whites don’t generally group by being white, because there is no reason to, generally, except for racism. However, some whites who are Swedish, Italian, Irish, German, group together, sometimes.

      The more inroads are taken and the message of authentic America is delivered, in pockets dominated by neo-Marxism, the more that walls break down, as I see it.

      Thanks for stating your concerns.

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