Venezuela Becomes New Stalinist Nation

Obama & Chavez at Trinidad Summit, 2009, photo: Associated Press

In their game of “Who can Create the Fastest Slave State,” Venezuelan Dictator (now official) Hugo Chavez is now ahead of US Dictator Barack Hussein Obama.  Not long ago, Chavez made the comment “Hey, Obama has just nationalized nothing more and nothing less than General Motors. Comrade Obama! Fidel, careful or we are going to end up to his right.”

Slowly at first but recently more quickly, intensely and more violently every day, Hugo Chavez has become one of the current incarnations of Josef Stalin.  Over strong objections from the opposition, in December, Chavez’ ruling and majority Socialist Party granted him full “decree” (dictatorial) powers.  Chavez has now begun his iron-handed and iron-fisted rule over the people of Venezuela.  By the way, Chavez affected this over Christmas.  What other country’s Marxist Party does the same thing in shoving its totalitarianism down the throats of its own people?  If you answered the US Marxist-used-to-be-Democrat-Party, you’re right!

In his latest bold move against the people of Venezuela, Obama’s competitor and brother-in-the-cause Hugo Chavez has begun the forceful takeover of all of Venezuela’s farms.  News out of Venezuela has largely been shut down and the US media (the ObamaMedia) has refused to publish anything about it.  Only a few sketchy reports have managed to surface, including a video (see reference below) showing Venezuelan military tanks lined up outside the Hacienda El Peonio.  Apparently, over 47 farms are reported to have been taken by Venezuelan Marxist forces and a Cuban general (along with the countries of Iran and Russia and the terrorist organization FARC–thrown in for good measure) is said to be assisting Dictator Chavez’ military.  Again, no one from the US/Obama Media has reported on this.  This is the new criminality of our media, its devolution and ultimate demise as a complete and unashamed mouthpiece for Dictator Obama and the world‘s elite slave masters.  After all, Chavez has put into place the totalitarian government that the US leftist media (just another “elitist” group) wants here and worldwide.

One voice has reported on the atrocities now befalling the people of Venezuela, as their country slips into darkness; a darkness now ignored by the collaborating-with-evil world press.  Arlen Williams from Gulag Bound has been reporting on the Venezuelan catastrophe.  And from Venezuela News and Views come the report “Sur del Lago people are resisting. The legislative assembly of the state moved down there to seat, the representatives elect are stirring the pot, the regime sent a Cuban general!”

Note: This is, also, what the demented Marxist/Leninist Party (formerly the US Democrat Party) wants and has been pushing for in the USA.  Although We-the-People were able to take back our House of Representatives in November, the Republican Party has already begun to acquiesce to our own dictator-in-chief and his minions; the latest insanity being a virtual demand from the Marxist Party for Republicans to sit with them during Dictator Obama’s State of the Union address.  Many RINOs have already agreed to do so.  In that way when Obama announces that he still plans to further ram through his plans to destroy freedom in the United States of America and all members of his Marxist/Leninist Party jump to their feet to applaud their tyrant, the opposition that is mingled in with them will not be seen opposing the totalitarians.  The “civility” proposed by the US Marxist Party is due only to its new House of Representatives minority status and its renewed attempt to shut down any and all opposition speech.

Remember that weakness breeds contempt and only emboldens the true enemy.  It wouldn’t take much more for the USA to become Venezuela.  Obama & Co is already using all of the Marxist tactics Chavez has used and is using.

On 23 January an anti-dictatorship rally is planned to be held in Venezuela with support rallies planned for locations around the world. Anti-dictatorship activist Ulf Erlingsson advises of the event, in part:  “On the anniversary of when the people of Venezuela threw out the last dictator, January 23 (Sunday) they take to the streets again to protest against dictatorship. There will be sympathy demonstrations in some 30 cities around the world, including Miami.

“The reason for holding this rally is not only the anniversary, but also the unconstitutional laws that have been implemented to deny any power to non-Chavista parties, even in jurisdictions where they actually won the elections. There is no judicial separation of powers (e.g., judge Maria Afiuni is in jail without trial because Chavez didn’t like her verdict in a case); there is no legislative separation of powers (the lame duck Congress granted Chavez the right to rule by decree); and there is no local democracy (all state and municipal elected bodies have been replaced by “communes” answerable only to Chavez).  Furthermore there is media and internet censorship, and rampant confiscations of private property, both firms and farms.”  Question: Can you say ObamaCzars?

The people of Venezuela are screaming and shouting out for help and support, while the now almost completely totalitarian world press continues to ignore them.  Will anyone hear our own death cries, should we follow Venezuela’s lead?  At this juncture, it seems highly unlikely.

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