James Fuller, Loughner Victim, Becomes Leftist Attacker, Hurls Death Threat

Here is a chain of events and the sensible can only wonder how it all plays in the minds of all the dupeniks out there.

Apparent leftist, James Fuller gets shot in the Tucson Safeway parking lot by Communist Manifesto (Marx) & Mein Kampf (Hitler, National Socialist) fan, Jared Loughner.

Media Matters and others play up Fuller’s leftism as he attacks, care to guess? Let me give you a moment Sarah Palin.

Fuller then hurls a death threat at a Tea Party participant in a televised talk show, “You’re dead!”  No, that’s not the name of the show, that’s what he said.

But oh come on… no connection between neo-Marxist “leftism” and malicious violence here; move along. Fuller apologized anyway, well, after he was arrested.

Maybe Loughner will apologize, too, poor victim of American society that he is.

Are you getting the picture of how evil this becomes? Deranged, anti-American Marxofascists are blaming America’s protectors of sovereignty and freedom, for violence — for their own violence in their own hearts — and it seems to be spreading.  There is a spirit behind it all.

Does that sound mystical?  It shouldn’t be mysterious.  That spirit has been named very often: belial, satan, antichrist; no mystery at all.

American… patriot for freedom anywhere in the world… please pray for the safety of Sarah Palin and her family.

And let’s pray for the true Spirit of Peace to have His way, whatever kind of struggle may be brought.


More on Media Matters, of the militant-Sorosian-homosexual-globalist-Marxstream, here.

And please pray and talk up Venezuelans’ safety & liberty, leading up to this critically important Sunday.


  1. And while praying for Sarah, can we pray she stops painting cross hairs on people and encouraging people to “reload”. And help me out here ….who exactly did Jeus instruct us to pray for…our advocates? our supporters? our friends? Or was there another entity to which He directed our prayers….something about those that persecute us? Are we praying for them or is a “struggle” actually preferred? Of course with the Spirit of Peace on “our” side…..

    • Many things to do, but I will address this, J.R.:

      1. That Sarah Palin put crosshairs on any person is a lie and so obvious a lie that it’s pretty astonishing to see someone perpetuate it.. I showed you what her PAC did. If you have not been involved in a political action committee, though, perhaps you do not know what a targeted district is.

      2. Jesus instructs us to pray for all, to our Father in Heaven. That he instructed praying for one’s enemies does not mean to focus upon them at the cost of praying for non-enemies (and we are instructed to especially pray for Christian brothers and sisters). Also, the fact that we as Christians should love enemies of the Gospel does not preclude us from treating them with the honest knowledge that they are the enemy. Witness how Paul, Peter, John, John the Baptist, and of course Jesus Himself spoke of and to enemies.

      And in a separate matter: our constitutional responsibility to guard and protect the constitution from its enemies, foreign and domestic, loving one’s enemy does not mean we fail to constitutionally deal with an enemy effectively. (And where there is no longer actually effective constitutionality but only tyranny, the Declaration explains that is our duty to oppose it fully and martially.)

      The point in all is not to claim that God is on any human’s side, but for humans to be on God’s side acknowledging that it is He who founds just nations and we therefore have a holy charge, to preserve and protect those nations.

      In America, we the Sovereign People are in fact the “leaders” who “do not carry the sword for nothing,” hence the Second Amendment (and as on the other side, Mao said, “Political power comes from the barrel of a gun.”).

      But in the here and now, we have every reason to do all morally to renew and restore America constitutionally, since there is still some semblance of respect for the Constitution in the land and in at least some, even many places, in its governance.

      I believe Sarah Palin gives strong indications that she humbly-to-God, understands these things and so, I would side with her, with God. I think Moses and Joshua know what that can mean and testify well about it.

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