1/23 Sunday Mass Anti-Dictatorship Demonstrations in Venezuela: Flyers Here

This coming Sunday could be a critical step in Venezuelan freedom, or it could become a day of atrocity. Whether you are internationalist or isolationist, there will be no escaping the ramifications in the western hemisphere and around the world — which includes  America.

The American news media has been all but blacking out the story of Chavez’ hard core communism and his Christmastime Crackdown.  But they will be forced to report it soon, one way or another, whether they and their globalist-authoritarian “thought leaders” of the Council on Foreign Relations and Aspen Institute like it or not.

These flyers, from AgainstDictatorship.com are being distributed inside Venezuela, promoting Sunday’s Anti-Dictatorship Protests, planned to blanket that nation.  Click through the graphics (two times) to enlarge them.  They are downloadable and we fervently suggest you distribute them too.

Gulag Bound has recevied them from Ulf Erlingsson, our special guest on last Thursday’s Gulag Night broadcast (archived here with further articles on Hugo Chavez’s totalitarian crack-down, co-generated and supported by Cuba, Russia, Iran, FARC, and effectively unopposed by Alyinski neo-Marxists, Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton).

The whole world must be watching. Please forward this information to those you know, in the media, in the Roman Catholic church, in Congress, etc., to your own Tea Party, etc., organization — maybe even Fox News will get off their celebrity posteriors and do some reporting.


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