Is Blaming Tea Party, Palin & Beck for Violence Peacemaking or Provocation?

Reichstag, Berlin, 1933

I don’t happen to have the time right now to write an essay but it occurs to me, this question may speak for itself.  And so, it is presented for your rumination, if you are willing.

If you do that and become satisfied with your answer, then what other questions does this bring to mind?

I’ll give you just three words, that may prompt some of them.





  1. I don’t think it requires a genius to figure out what’s going on here in the aftermath of the LEFTIST-ACTIVATED killing spree of the wacko, inarticulate, ultra-leftist CRETIN, Jared L. First, It was in some ways the actions of an “ageunt provocareur” fuelled by evil inchcoate feelings of impotent rage against delusionally mind-formulated grievances, that were wildly mixed and all over the map. Second, it provides the necessary context for the radical egalitarian left liberals to DEMAND that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT crack down immediately on ALL the TEA PARTIES because of alleged violent threats made by them against the WONDERFUL Democratic Party who only do what they do to further the causes of JUSTICE & PEACE led by their titular head,”THEONE, BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA!” What a CROCK!! aN EXAMPLE of the WUNNERFUL DEMONRAT party’s actions to further JUSTIC & PEACE is their crooked, thuggish actions in getting Obamacare passed by PAYING OFF various House members through the LOUISIANA PURCHASE, as one example among many others.
    All of the terrible things that have been going on since the accession to the presidency of “THE ONE” in this country will ONLY be cured by Obamamoron’s IMPEACHMENT! (OR BY POSSIBLY HIS REMOVAL FROM THE PRESIDENCY BY AN ACTION OF THE U.S. SUPREME COURT). Once Obama is gone, I believe this counry will HEAL ITSELF, because its main irritant, Hussein’s presidency & his MANY totalitarian actions will then be over. GOD BLESS ALL–MARKRITE

  2. In my opinion the media must tell the people in D.C. and the White House that they all must a set better examples for our vulnerable nation. Tell them to be respectful and patient and stop acting like bullies. We Americans have soldiers at war. Here at home we have a different kind of war and no soldiers so the fighting falls to the home guard patriots. It is the duty of all American people to keep the home fires burning for our soldiers….we should not have to put up with disrespect and violence from any area or peoples that our government is paid to police. We shouldn’t have a border with Mexico that hasn’t been fixed right in 20 years. We shouldn’t have religious cults kneeling in the streets of a major city obstructing traffic without a permit. We shouldn’t have to submit to insulting searches to travel by air when the people most suspect are exempt. The absurdity of this is ignorant…by intent or neglect it is malicious disrespect by the likes of TSA.
    Point a finger to the thugs who sit in D.C. and keeps provoking people needlessly with their plans to play some sort of Hitler game with the American people. Point a finger to the media who refuse to tell the truth.

    Obama:“They Bring a Knife…We Bring a Gun”

    Obama to His Followers:“Get in Their Faces!”

    Obama on ACORN Mobs:“I don’t want to quell anger. I think people are right to be angry! I’m angry!”

    Obama to His Mercenary Army:“Hit Back Twice As Hard”

    Obama on the private sector:“We talk to these folks… so I know whose ass to kick.“

    Obama to voters: Republican victory would mean “hand to hand combat”

    Obama to lib supporters:“It’s time to Fight for it.”

    Obama to Latino supporters:“Punish your enemies.”

    Obama to democrats:“I’m itching for a fight.”

    • Everyone should read your post. We are living in dangerous times.

      When the Nazis took power, they killed all members of parliament who were likely to oppose them.

      I don’t put anything, and I mean anything, past the left. They have gained too much power to lose it easily.

  3. Its as shame that many americans dont understand how liberals work. They believe anything the left tells them and they dont ask questions. The liberals want to destroy america and redistribute the wealth that we americans have created. If this should happen where would that leave our standard of living? You take the money and give it away the american people will become like a 3rd world country. Have the people ever thought of how they would live like that. I hope americans are smarter than the liberal democrats. Take a look at the liberals who are pushing this idea. All millionaires and they wont spend a dime of it on others. If you lose freedom IT WILL BE GONE FOREVER.

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