Praying for all Victims at Rep. Giffords’ and Others’ Shooting

May this evil be overcome with good, for all willing hearts.

We are so glad at this moment that Rep. Gabrielle Giffords appears to be recovering.  We hear that one little girl, a sitting judge, and others, have been killed.

Also, it is very unfortunate that some are trying to make political hay of this and using it to foment more maliciousness.  Those who believe in American values and those who do not, tend to show their hearts during moments of crisis.

Lastly here, we are beginning to be informed that the assailant, Jarrod Lee Loughner, is a disturbed young man, who is obsessed with exacting language skills, who believes in New Age mentalist activity, and who is atheist.  Fox News has just reported that among the favorite books which he lists are Karl Marx’ The Communist Manifesto and Adolph Hitler’s Mein Kampf. There is more about this person in Canada Free Press.

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