Well Integrity Test Has Started But Industry Experts Have Questions

At least a few people are asking questions of the fox that still guards the hen house. We have discussed the integrity of this well with geologist Chris Landau on our show, Fan The Fire, several times. Chris writes: “BP Show Us The Mud Logs!” so that the scientific community can study what is going on with this monster well. He says:

These logs, they speak. They tell us what happened and is happening every foot of the way down to the bottom of the well. They are our eyes, our ears and our brains. They are the forensic truth. They do not lie. They have no hidden agenda. They are the black box, now that the jet airliner has crashed.

Washington’s Blog cites industry experts. Well Integrity Test Has Now Started, But Oil Industry Experts Ask “What the Hell Are They Doing?”
Recently-retired Shell Oil President John Hofmeister made a similar point today:

I think the fundamental issue… is there are serious concerns about the integrity of the casing that is the well itself.

And that by putting the cap on and doing the stress tests… that the integrity of the steel is insufficient to hold the pressure of the well.

And if you lose the casing its game over.

It’s like having a volcano on the bottom of the sea.

If you lose the casing and oil starts coming up on the outside of the casing you cant stop it.

There’s nothing you can do that would stop it…other than implode the well.

There are many in the industry that feel the casing must have been damaged because of the power of that well, the pressure of that reservoir.

A few in the media are asking also. They are mad at BP is why they ask. Their real agenda has nothing to do with covering the truth. If they can keep things stirred up for BP and the anger is directed at the big bad oil corporation, then some of the light does not shine on the total incompetence of their hero. Or are they beginning to come out of their trance and dig for the truth?

PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, that BP knows what it is doing and is not putting cost above safety again.

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