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This featured a denial of service (DoS) attack.  It occurred on December 19, which happens to be two days after the Gulag posted this item.  Since we believe it is evident and accurate, we suggest it:

WikiLeaks & Julian Assange; their Motives if not Results, Coming into Focus
December 17, 2010, 2:19 pm (also attached, below)

Previously, we published an article by Jim O’Neill, which shows how most “anarchists” are actually tools of totalitarians, just the opposite of a true libertarian, freedom fighter, or “classic liberal”:

Far Right Anarchy Versus Far Left ‘Anarchy’
December 15, 2010 (also attached, below)

This is nothing new. The falsehood operations of “anarchists” (whichever of them are the deceiving controllers or the dupes) have been used in that way for a long, long time; in America, going back as far as the 19th Century and forward, up to this day.

“I considered myself partly an anarchist then and consider myself partly an anarchist now. I mean I’m as much an anarchist as I am a Marxist…. I’m very open about what I think and nobody here is surprised by what I think.”
– Workmate and co-saboteur of Barack Obama (and spoiled Chicago rich kid, being a son of Commonwealth Edison CEO Thomas Ayers, a man who likely knew his Rockefellers, Morgans, Fords, Guggenheims, etc. and especially those in charge of General Electric) Bill Ayers, April 12, 2002, to a college listening audience

Anyone with a streak of anarchy (or egalitarian community interest) should know this:

There is no such thing as either anarchy or communism at the end of these ideological rainbows; there is only totalitarian control by thugs, jerked around by the wealthiest and most powerful 1% of 1% of 1%.  See Venezuela today, for just one more consistent example.

WikiLeaks & Julian Assange; their Motives if not Results, Coming into Focus

by Arlen Williams, December 17, 2010

WikiLeaks has always been more than Jullian Assange. It is also been quite apparent that it is its own entity, however funded it may or may not be, by the likes of George Soros, or his evil friends.

If WikiLeaks is supported by such entities, think of Sauron attempting the services of the Balrog, or… Smeagol, if you’re a Lord of the Rings aficionado, or think of a league of asymmetrical warriors (which the Soros, Gorbachev, Rockefeller, etc., globalist Marxofascists are, much, much worse than Al Qaeda) calling in a group of information age arsonists. WikiLeaks is not necessarily that evil; they do deem themselves as libertarians, but they would make for troublesomely anarchist/nihilist allies of either side, the enemy of one’s enemy not necessarily being one’s friend.

Keep in mind that Wikileaks’ enemies do effectively include a prosperous and powerful (powerful enough to defend itself) America, which indeed is the enemy of the Marxofascist NWO. This short piece would bring your attention to a video, but as you watch it, please do not lose the Assange quotes in Time Magazine, referenced by Glenn Beck, a week ago now:

It is not our goal to achieve a more transparent society; it is our goal to achieve a more just society….

In Beck’s 12/10 video, the WikiLeaks riff beginning at about 19:29, then the quote appearing at 25:25; video linked here, transcription linked here.

As we have seen in the “social justice” movement, so unjustly and effectively at war against our true and just liberties and underlying sovereignties, how we define “justice,” is critical. It must be the justice of reverence for the inherent nature of man, not of imposed results for men.

And prior in the Time interview, by Richard Stengel:

RS: One of the unintended consequences is the opposite effect, which is what we’ve seen with the Department of Defense, and even the State Department, here in the U.S., of trying to make secrets more impenetrable rather than less and trying to take precautions against what has happened from happening again in the future. How do you regard that?

JA: Well, I think that’s very positive. Since 2006, we have been working along this philosophy that organizations which are abusive and need to be [in] the public eye. If their behavior is revealed to the public, they have one of two choices: one is to reform in such a way that they can be proud of their endeavors, and proud to display them to the public. Or the other is to lock down internally and to Balkanise, and as a result, of course, cease to be as efficient as they were. To me, that is a very good outcome, because organizations can either be efficient, open and honest, or they can be closed, conspiratorial and inefficient.

This documentary of WikiLeaks, by Swedish public television (SVT) may not remain available for long. It is very useful for providing a backdrop and colors of this collection of hackers, anarchists, and even freedomists, albeit tainted with “social justice” neo-Marxism to one degree and another, depending of course, on each individual in the mix.

In some ways, it is expositive of the kinds of confused themes that exist in the minds of so many post-boomers — and any else who know there are many things in the world that are wrong, but are far from understanding all of what is right.

Video: WikiRebels by SVT, Sweden

What matters is the dynamic here: that anarchy leads to authoritarianism and totalitarianism, a dynamic utilized by the controllers behind both Marxism and fascism for over a century, now. Julian Assange apparently thinks this outcome is good, because then society becomes “inefficient” — and I guess in his mind, then, people don’t like it and easily throw it off?

How many tens of millions of Twentieth Century murders does it take, how much suffering by the ones forced to knuckle under to the severely unjust thuggery of Marxofascist rule, to show such “inefficiency” does not bring good results?

Further perusal:

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange is a Free Market Libertarian,” in Herding the Cats, Democrats 2012 blog, updated 12/12/2010.

Wikileaks and Julian Assange – Another False Flag Operation? Who Are behind Them?” in, 12/6/2010. At least it is refreshing to think that since so many conflict, not all conspiracy theories are true, despite the ones we know to now be fact. Props to Euro-Med to show any number of them.

Time’s Julilan Assange Interview: Full Transcript/Audio,”, 12/1/2010

Watch -> WikiRebels, a new documentary of WikiLeaks and founder Julian Assange (one day only viewing) Sweden’s public service televions, SVT,” Snardfarker blog, 12/13/2010, including its blogger and visitor comments (h/t: HK)

In the end, the Balrog and Smeagol the Gollum proved critically instrumental for an ultimately good result. Then again, J.R.R. Tolkein was a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Far Right Anarchy Versus Far Left ‘Anarchy’

by Jim O’Neill, December 15, 2010

“Things fall apart; the center cannot hold; mere anarchy is loosed upon the world…
The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.”

—William Butler Yeats (1865-1939)

Pseudoanarchists in Great Britain with Marxist and Obamunist Slogan

You are probably familiar with the Far Left “anarchists”—they are fond of spray painting, or otherwise promulgating their logo of an “A” within a circle. They are most visible at large gatherings of global “movers and shakers,” such as the G20 meetings.

With the recent focus on “cyber anarchists” due to the WikiLeaks brouhaha, it is more important than ever to define just what an anarchist is, and isn’t.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines anarchy as “an absence of government, or a state of lawlessness or political disorder due to the absence of governmental authority.” An anarchist, of course, is someone who supports the doctrine of anarchy—i.e. no government.

If we look at the ideological spectrum we’ll see that anarchy is technically a Far Right doctrine. The spectrum moves from massive, bloated government on the Far Left, to no government (anarchy) on the Far Right. (Link) (Link)

So how is it possible to have Far Left anarchists fighting against governments, if the Far Left and massive governments go hand in hand? It isn’t possible, technically, and that is why I put the word anarchy inside quote marks when referring to Far Left “anarchists.” (Link)

It’s a time-tested and popular ploy of the Far Left to mislabel things in order to obfuscate and misdirect. The Far Left “anarchists” are often not truly anarchists at all, but simply “shock troops” for the Far Left’s attempts to bring down all capitalist governments (indeed, Western civilization itself).

Besides being more numerous, organized, and violence-prone than the Far Right anarchists, the Far Left “anarchists” are often not against governments per se, but only those governments that they deem to be in opposition to the totalitarian forms that they espouse (Marxist, Communist, Fascist, etc.). In short, they only want to tear down what they consider to be non-collectivist forms of government, in order to replace them with the massive collectivist government of their choice.

Mixed in with this batch of “collectivist anarchists” are indoctrinated idealists, and others who have mistaken chaos for freedom—a mixed bag of fanatical ideologues, dangerous malcontents, asocial misfits, and aficionados of chaos—all serving as “useful idiots” for Far Left Power Elites of various persuasions. (Link)

No doubt many “anarchists” believe that they are rugged individualists, but their puppet-masters know better. The Far Left “anarchists” are merely disposable pawns in a high-stakes game of global, even cosmic, significance.

Laus Deo.

Born in June of 1951 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Jim O’Neill proudly served in the U.S. Navy from 1970-1974 in both UDT-21 (Underwater Demolition Team) and SEAL Team Two. A member of MENSA, he worked as a commercial diver in the waters off Scotland, India, and the United States. In 1998 while attending the University of South Florida as a journalism student, O’Neill won “First Place” in the “Carol Burnett/University of Hawaii AEJMC Research in Journalism Ethics Award.” The annual contest was set up by Carol Burnett with the money she won from successfully suing the National Enquirer for libel.

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