Seattle Buses, Nazi Trucks: Different Times & People, Same Demons

As noted in Gateway Pundit and The Blaze, anti-Israeli signs are rolling through the streets of Seattle, Washington. Purchased by the pro-Hamas group, Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign, they say, “Israeli War Crimes, Your Tax Dollars at Work.”  The text accompanies a photo of a bombed building.

K5 News video, 12/17, from “‘Israeli War Crimes’ Signs to go on Metro Buses

About its Ed Mast (the “bearded Marxist” in the video, as one might suppose by his position on the issue;  just consider the facial hair, the thoughtful effeteness, and as John Lennon might remind, “Imagine” the wire rimmed glasses, merely added flairs) according to the Seatle Times:

“The ads are to raise awareness that our tax dollars are being spent in one-sided support of the state of Israel and particularly of those policies of Israel that violate human rights and maintain the bad situation, which is that one people has power over another,” said Ed Mast, spokesman for the group sponsoring the ad. “We’re all committed to the simplest of solutions, which is equal rights.”

Mast is a Seattle playwright and longtime activist against U.S. military involvement in Israel and Iraq.

Perhaps along with Christmas standards now being heard, such as “I’ll be Home for Christmas,” does it make you nostalgic for mid-Twentieth Century times?

A Nazi sign warns against shopping at Jewish-owned stores in Aurich, Germany. The truck is parked in front of a shop owned by relatives of the author of 'We Were Merchants.' Photo, Hans J. Sternberg.

Sign on truck carrying Storm Troopers (SA) urges "Germans! Defend yourselves. Don't buy from Jews." Berlin, Germany, April 1, 1933.

During that Twentieth Century, anti-Israel jihadists of the Mideast were trained by Nazis (and Russian Communists, alternately) and the movement continues, as the undead simply do.

About this Twenty-First Century campaign, the Seattle official says, “We can’t reject it, based on any of the reasons we have established. over the thirty-six years we have been accepting advertising.”  Now, the Gulag is all for Freedom of Speech, but what if the buses carried pictures of the results of the slaughter of innocent children in the womb, or warned that homosexual sex is immoral and on numerous levels, destructive to both individuals and families?

You get the picture.

King County, Washington’s Department of Transportation is taking calls at 206-684-1441, Harold S. Taniguchi, Department Director.

by Arlen Williams and Tallulah Starr


  1. Called, they said that the Anti-Semitic Ads will run on Dec 27th.

    I was going to go to China Town on my way through on vacation but I am going to boycott them as long as this hate is on open display in Seattle.

    I love the Jewish people too much to stand by while that hate bus plies it’s Anti-Semitic Message down the Streets in front of my Children.

    If I lived back in the time of Nazi Germany, I would have been one of the first to be killed because I won’t keep my mouth shut and I would fit their profile of a resister.

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