Introducing the Tea Party Caucus, Texas

Reported in the Cypress Times:


Senator Dan Patrick joins 48 legislators to start new grassroots caucus

AUSTIN, TX – “The Tea Party movement is the most important political movement of our life time. The voice of this group must be heard like never before inside the walls of the capitol. This last election proved that real political power is not found in Austin. It’s found in the homes, farms, and businesses across our great state,” said Senator Dan Patrick.

Immediately after the election, Senator Patrick announced his intention to form the Tea Party Caucus. Over the past six weeks he has been in contact with both legislators and Tea Party organizers across the state, asking them to help shape a vision and an action plan for the new group.

“I’m most appreciative of the work of Greg Holloway and other Tea Party organizers across the state who have helped develop this concept,” stated Patrick. Tea Party organizers will form an advisory board that will meet with the caucus board. “This is not a top down legislator to voter caucus,” added Patrick. “This is a grassroots up to legislator movement.”

The goal for the Tea Party Advisory Board is to lead in this endeavor. The vision is to have the Tea Party board members develop their own legislative agenda and for the caucus to help them move it forward wherever possible. The goal of the legislative caucus is to help Tea Party organizers take the success that they have achieved at the ballot box and pass conservative legislation.


Citizen activists working tirelessly have made progress.  This should encourage us to continue to the finish line of  the restoration of the Republic.

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