WikiLeaks: Exposing ‘Insane’ US Energy Policy

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What WikiLeaks Cables Really Reveal

There has been much complaining from the politicians about how the WikiLeaks disclosures have imperiled our national security.  The most frequently pointed to document by those who make this claim is a State Department cable titled “Critical Foreign Dependencies.”

The document was put together at the behest of Secretary of State Clinton, who asked U.S. embassies around the world to list objects and installation “which, if destroyed, disrupted or exploited, would likely have an immediate and deleterious effect on the United States.”


The hyperbole used by the government regarding this document is simply not warranted by the information it contains.  Its purpose is to whip up hysteria and divert the attention of the American people from its own culpability in the WikiLeaks debacle.

Let us, however, go beyond the obvious, because there is a profound and important lesson to be drawn from this particular document.

The largest number of items on the list comes under the heading of “energy.”  It includes oil wells, gas pipes, refineries, ports, and various installation for processing oil and natural gas.  It also happens to be the case that most of these energy assets are located in countries controlled by bad regimes.

One such country is Saudi Arabia, which the State Department Cable consider the world’s greatest sponsor of terrorism.  The cable lists several crucial energy assets there.

In Russia, the document names the Nadym Gas Pipeline Junction, which it describes as “the most critical gas facility in the world.”  This facility, which is allegedly critical to America’s energy well-being, is located in a country that State Department officials described as “a virtual mafia state.”

What the information in Mrs. Clinton’s cable reveals is that America is greatly dependent on odious regimes for its energy needs.

The question every citizen should ask is why this is so.

America has enormous energy resources.  Why does out government refuse to develop them for our own use and to establish our national security?  Why are our elected officials content to rely upon “evil empires” and enemy states for the energy we need for security and survival?

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