Project Veritas Video: Battleground Texas Illegally Copying Voter Data


This video is presented for its news value, to allow you to understand these aspects of current Marxofascist strategy and tactics, the weaponry brought to bear in the soft war against sovereign, free, and authentic America.   More: At "NEW VIDEO: Battleground Texas Illegally Copying Voter Data" … [Read more...]

Supreme Court Does Something Right – for Election Integrity


Thank God! The Democrat Party, enemies of the United States of America, deceitfully manipulate and herd their voters to the polls over weeks, like sheep led to the slaughter -- the slaughter of all of us. When will the people that these political illegitimates (historical word, used in the King James Version of the Bible: "bastards") target, understand the horrific degradation they are duped to suffer?  How … [Read more...]

Obama is the #Gosnell President – Tweeting: #ObamaFraud


#ObamaFraud  There's the hashtag. Further explanation is not necessary for many. #Obama II is the #Gosnell #Infanticide #President. Why does "conservative" media persist in covering up his fraud? #tcot #Ccot | @jillstanek — Arlen Williams (@ArlenWms) April 13, 2013   Obama is the #Gosnell #President. Why does "conservative" media persist in covering up his fraud? @michellemalkin … [Read more...]

Obama: Give Me Dictatorial Powers or I’ll Take Your Country Out


Well…well.  The Obama has finally begun his now-open for all to see and hear demands for a dictatorship over the [former] United States of America.  A few days ago, Dictator-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama laid out his demands to Congress for not yet pushing the current USSA (aka “Amerika”) and its people over the ostensible fiscal cliff.  These demands include:  a doubling of his campaign “promise” to $1.6 Trillions … [Read more...]

It’s Official: Obama Voter Fraud Reason for ‘Reelection,’ Growing Totalitarian Government


The truth about the Obama syndicate’s “victory” in November due to the most massive voter fraud in American history has become increasingly dire and overwhelming.  It is also merely the latest treasonous act perpetrated upon We-the-People by our slave masters.  And--with the exception of the still-sycophantic Obama-media who enthusiastically embrace totalitarianism--said “win” by Obama shows how quickly he and the … [Read more...]

Live Blogging SUNDAY UPDATE, YET MORE OBSTRUCTION: Allen West’s Full Retabulation


We may presume that Allan West is discussing the non-results, the new and uncertified results, and the results known to be bogus, with his legal counsel and others. We may also presume that those opposed to American principles are preparing for his next steps, as they plan their contingencies. From approx. 12:17pm CT: Tanya Grimsley THEY HAVE ASKED US TO CALL GOVERNOR SCOTT'S OFFICE - CRIMINAL CHARGES NEED … [Read more...]

Investigation & Suit, Allen West vs. Patrick Murphy for Congress, FL, Update

Allen West

UPDATES - in chronological order (original post, November 10, 4:04pm CT) Some may have seen a headline today in the leftist Huffington Post stating Allen West has lost his re-election bid and will not have a recount. That is flatly incorrect. From Tanya Grimsley, electoral activist in the Allen West campaign, posted today in Facebook: Because the challenger Murphy jumped the gun as did most of the media … [Read more...]

Patriots Declare: We Shall Not Let Vote Fraud Stand!


PolitiJim's Rants In Lord of the Rings, on the road to destroy the Ring which threatened tyranny over people through centralized power and evil, Gandalf the Grey needed to buy time for his fellow hobbit warriors from the certain destruction by an evil Balrog.  On a narrow bridge, he sacrificed himself so that their mission could survive and challenged the superior evil force declaring, “YOU SHALL NOT … [Read more...]

The (National) GOP Can Not Legally Help Stop Vote Fraud, No Joke


PolitiJim's Rants My good friend Alan Vera of True the Vote told me long ago that we have a two party system: the Corrupt Party and the Stupid Party.  To that fact, during the weekly True the Vote webcast, Catherine Engelbrecht related a meeting she had with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, asking what the GOP would do about voter integrity.  The answer? Nothing.  They aren’t legally able to.  (I’m not … [Read more...]

Pennsylvania: Election Tampering, Vote Fraud (updating)

Tyler Behm, Reuters

Articles listed in chronological order by date entered in Gulag Bound In 59 Philadelphia voting divisions, Mitt Romney got zero votes Philadelphia Inquirer,, November 12     to be continued (see tags, below) … [Read more...]

16M White Votes ‘Missing’ – Smell like Election Tampering?

Tyler Behm, Reuters

Sixteen million? That many, less inclined to come out and vote for Mitt Romney, against the radical Obamacare Obama we have come to see, who is blowing up U.S. debt beyond any hope for positive change? Compared to voting for the likes of John McCain, against Obama the moderate sounding "feel good candidate," in 2008? Remember just a few days ago, seeing the polls show extremely high voter intensity numbers for … [Read more...]

Massive Voter Fraud and I am ANGRY (please share)


In response to receiving this note I sent out the following email. Feel free to copy and paste it to your own email and send to everyone you know. I am not depressed. I am angry! Romney did not lose. There was massive voter fraud everywhere! Check out a few websites (and this is just a start). Go though the links and see for yourself. ObamaVoterFraud -- Look at this one … [Read more...]

Florida: Election Tampering, Vote Fraud (updating)

Tyler Behm, Reuters

Did Mitt Romney actually win the legal part of this election? We are taking election tampering and fraud head on, featuring key states with the worst apparent offenses, head on, in running entries/threads. This is Florida. ------------- This story was published on General Election Day, Nov. 6. It will be updated in Gulag very soon, but we will start here: Certified GOP Poll Watchers Turned Away in … [Read more...]

Wisconsin Election Tampering, Vote Fraud (updating)

Tyler Behm, Reuters

Did Mitt Romney actually win the legal part of this election? We are taking election tampering and fraud head on, featuring key states with the worst apparent offenses, head on, in running entries/threads. This is Wisconsin. ------------- This comes from a thread in an article that brings up questions about the vote in St. Lucie Co., Florida. Seth Alu November 10, 2012 11:10 AM LOOK AT THESE NUMBERS!! -- … [Read more...]



11:09am CT PolitiJim PolitiJim's Rants From Patriot Alan Vera who needs patriots in WI, OH, PA & VA: Another Stolen Election??? The popular vote results reported by the respective secretaries of state of the key swing states last night are a little more than suspect. The concession by Mr. Romney and the GOP was, at best, premature. The election results are not official until the party electors meet to … [Read more...]

True The Vote Announces National Election Integrity Hotline

True the Vote Logo

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Logan Churchwell TRUE THE VOTE ANNOUNCES NATIONAL ELECTION INTEGRITY HOTLINE Citizens encouraged to report illegal activity at the voting polls by phone, email and video HOUSTON, TX. November 5, 2012 ? True the Vote (TTV), the nonpartisan election integrity organization, today announced the … [Read more...]