Chicago Socialists Reveal Small, But Significant Obama Connection


New Zeal In recent years, the US' largest Marxist organization Democratic Socialists of America has done its best to obscure and minimize their long term and extensive ties to Barack Obama. After all, with patriots up in arms over Obama's socialism, they certainly didn't want to add fuel to the fire. Not before an election anyway. But now that their comrade is back in power and doesn't have to face … [Read more...]

IRS Scandal Threatens to Overshadow Benghazi


Accuracy in Media You would have thought that the Obama administration would have learned from the growing Benghazi scandal that the best way to handle such controversies is to get out in front of them, and put it all out there, rather than let it drip, drip, drip, as is now happening with the recent IRS blowup. According to The Washington Post, based on documents it obtained from a congressional aide, the … [Read more...]

Weekly Featured Profile – Stanley Sheinbaum


KeyWiki Stanley Sheinbaum is a Los Angeles based funder of leftist causes. Despite being very wealthy (he married into the Warner movie fortune), Sheinbaum and his wife Betty have been long term members of Democratic Socialists of America. Sheinbaum has been the Chairman of the American Civil Liberties Foundation of Southern California and a former Regent of the University of California. He helped found the … [Read more...]

Patriots, Snap out of it! America Is Too Extraordinarily Precious to Surrender!


NoisyRoom By: Lloyd Marcus My late Mama instructed, “Never put your business in the street.” Due to the extremely serious situation in which we find our country today, I must share my personal testimony (put my business in the street) to save America. In 1993, I quit my 15 year position at an ABC affiliate TV station in Baltimore to pursue a new career in music. At that time, callers on the Rush Limbaugh … [Read more...]

Please Make a Contribution to KeyWiki


New Zeal Our KeyWiki appeal is off to a good start, with lots of contributions and several pledges for the New Year. Thank you to all who have contributed so far. Why should you support KeyWiki? Millions of patriotic Americans voted for their own destruction in 2012, because they had no idea that their country is beset by internal enemies. A small percentage of Americans, knowingly and unknowingly, … [Read more...]

An Elderly Chicago Communist’s Eulogy to Barack Obama

Frank and Bea Lumpkin

New Zeal Senior Chicago Communist Party USA member Bea Lumpkin, and her late husband and comrade Frank Lumpkin were longtime supporters and a fans of Barack Obama. Obama was very close, for many years, to the far left side of Chicago politics - where the Lumpkins were major players. As a friend, supporter and campaigner for pro-communist Chicago mayor Harold Washington (1983-87), Lumpkin credits the … [Read more...]

True The Vote Demands Access To Review St. Lucie County Poll Books In Florida’s 18th Congressional District

True the Vote Logo

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Logan Churchwell HOUSTON, TX, December 19, 2012 ? True the Vote (TTV), the nonpartisan election integrity organization, today submitted formal requests to review all voter registration records, including poll books, to St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections Gertrude Walker in the aftermath of … [Read more...]

When the Left Cared About Voter Fraud

Tyler Behm, Reuters

New Zeal When the left thought that they were the victims of voter fraud, they were VERY interested in the subject. In this video, filmed after the controversial 2004 elections, Democratic Socialists of America member and Democrat congressman Jerry Nadler, Congressional Progressive Caucus members and Communist Party USA affiliates Maxine Waters and the late Stephanie Tubbs Jones get a shocking lesson on just … [Read more...]

Conservatives in Liberal Media Embrace Cultural Surrender


Accuracy in Media As American conservatives contemplate the future of the Republican Party in the face of President Obama’s Marxist onslaught and reelection, the rapid deterioration of the British Conservative Party stands as proof that the situation could get far worse. British conservatives lead the British government as members of a coalition and are pushing legislation for what they euphemistically dub … [Read more...]

True The Vote’s Lawsuit To Enforce Voter Roll Maintenance In Indiana Advances

True the Vote Logo

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Logan Churchwell HOUSTON, TX. December 10, 2012 - True the Vote (TTV), the nonpartisan election integrity organization, today commended the United States District Court of Indiana’s decision to deny dismissal motions offered by the State of Indiana – advancing TTV’s lawsuit to enforce voter roll … [Read more...]

How Romney Was Out-Organized by Obama

Mitt Romney, a "Mr. Wall Street"

Accuracy in Media Jeremy Bird, the National Field Director of Obama for America (OFA), said on Tuesday that Obama’s winning coalition on November 6 was the result of “the strongest grassroots organization in the history of American presidential politics.” OFA had more than twice as many local offices as Republican Mitt Romney in the targeted swing states, he said. In those targeted states, Bird said, OFA … [Read more...]

American Reds Still Backing Obama


Accuracy in Media Erwin Marquit, a member of the International Department of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA), recently told a conference of communist political parties from around the world that communists in the U.S did not run their own candidate for president on November 6 because they worked within the Democratic Party for the reelection of Barack Obama and the victories of “progressive” Democrats to … [Read more...]

George Soros Wins Big Over Karl Rove


Accuracy in Media Fox News contributor Karl Rove was criticized in the media for objecting to the channel calling Ohio for Barack Obama on election night. The state of Ohio did in fact go for Obama and the channel was correct in making that prediction. Like many other Fox News commentators, Rove had mistakenly forecast a Romney victory. He was only alone in thinking this was still possible as election night … [Read more...]

Is Petraeus Scandal an Obama Scandal?


Accuracy in Media The news media are continuing to try to protect the Obama administration from a rapidly growing scandal. A November 13th article in The Washington Post by Scott Wilson argued that Obama “has been untouched by the unfolding investigation involving former CIA director David Petraeus,” a view that belongs on the opinion page under the heading, “wishful thinking,” not on the news pages. The … [Read more...]

Petraeus Spins the Media


Accuracy in Media Disgraced former CIA director David Petraeus is now talking to the press and denying that he leaked classified information to his mistress Paula Broadwell. But there is no reason to believe the denial. Petraeus is an admitted adulterer who covered up an extramarital affair. He was forced to resign and has no credibility left. Petraeus, a retired four-star Army general, spoke with Kyra … [Read more...]

Maryland’s Endemic Corruption: An Object Lesson for the Nation


Accuracy in Media   Maryland is one of the most corrupt states in our nation. Nowhere is this fact more evident than with the state’s treatment of illegal aliens. Maryland politicians have literally become lawless in their efforts to cultivate illegals, and this lawlessness flows downhill from the very top. I will focus on a few of the more egregious examples. In 2011, we published a report on CASA de … [Read more...]

Why Did Cantor Protect Obama?


Accuracy in Media The central figures in the David Petraeus sex scandal are not talking. That includes Virginia Congressman and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Yet, the decision by this top Republican to turn to the FBI rather than his colleagues in the House with inside information about the scandal has proven to be monumental, a development that enabled Barack Obama to win the presidency without getting … [Read more...]

‘You Have Two Years to Live,’ Open Letter to Incoming Republicans, 113th Congress


New Zeal A great piece from Dr. Jack Wheeler:   Dear GOP House Members and Members-Elect - Congratulations to you all for surviving the absurd calamity of November 6th. You need to know what's in store for you. To put it bluntly, you have two years to live. Politically live as the House Majority, that is. You are going to be demonized and destroyed by the Chicago Gangsters who run the White … [Read more...]

Petraeus Sex Scandal Could Have Sunk Obama


Accuracy in Media More than a week before the election, an FBI whistleblower went to a Republican member of Congress with explosive details about a national security scandal that could have stopped President Obama’s re-election campaign dead in its tracks. But the potentially devastating “October Surprise” was hushed up by Republicans. Although all the details are not yet available and new disclosures are … [Read more...]

Romney Did Not Lose


NoisyRoom By: Citizen Scribe   Over the last few days I have watched as political "analysts" and assorted pundits alternately lamented and rejoiced and "analyzed" the results of the recent election. I have watched and listened as self-important, self-appointed authorities opined and pontificated on the "reasons" for Romney's loss. And, as I removed myself from the emotional turmoil that surrounds this … [Read more...]

USA, Turkey & Syria: The Fog of Misdirection


NoisyRoom Photo: Nir Ellias/Reuters A week after three Syrian tanks moved into the Golan Heights where they stayed for several hours before leaving, a mortar shell struck the Golan Heights this morning fired from Syria. There were no injuries and Israel retaliated with warning shots into Syria. Syria is testing Israel's resolve to hold on to the Golan Heights, taken in the 1973 Yom Kippur War. This is being … [Read more...]

The Liberal Media Are More Powerful Than Ever


Accuracy in Media Writing before Obama won the election, Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel of the Daily Caller contended that bias, dishonesty, and corruption were helping to undermine and destroy the liberal media. “The broadcast networks, the big daily newspapers, the newsweeklies—they’re done,” they said. “It’s only a matter of time, and everyone who works there knows it.” Unfortunately, there is no evidence … [Read more...]

Republican Campaign Failed to Confront Media Bias


Accuracy in Media The simple explanation for what happened on Election Day is that the American people voted for President Barack Obama because they didn’t understand the nature of his Marxist agenda. But it is inconceivable that the public would, on a fully informed and rational basis, choose a political ideology that guarantees American economic decline and foreign policy retreat. Fortunately, there is a … [Read more...]

Romney Lost – I Told Ya So!


By: Toddy Littman It took me a day to get to a point of writing this. You see, I was this voice in the wilderness during the primaries, often beaten down by Republicans and so-called conservatives (much like Stacey Dash was beaten down by Democrats for supporting Romney), for saying that Romney couldn't win. The reason is that difference must be shown, an absolute contrast seen for a choice to be made, and … [Read more...]

Communist Party Leader: Obama Victory ‘Dawn of a New Era’


New Zeal Communist Party USA leader Sam Webb, has hailed the election of Party "friend" Barack Obama, as the "dawn of a new era." The Party is cock-a-hoop over Obama's victory, seeing it as both a repudiation of the conservative agenda and an opportunity to move the United States further towards socialism. From the People's World: After a long and bitterly contested battle, the forces of inclusive … [Read more...]

Moscow Expects President Obama to be ‘More Flexible’ on Missile Defense Shield


New Zeal It's payoff time for Russia. From The Washington Post: Russia expects Barack Obama to show more flexibility in a dispute over U.S. missile defense plans in Europe following his re-election as president, a top official said Thursday... In March, Obama, unaware that he was speaking on an open microphone, told Dmitry Medvedev, then Russia’s president, that he would have more flexibility on the … [Read more...]

Moscow Congratulates Obama: Relieved at Not Having to Deal With Romney

President Barack Obama, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, left, and Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus, share a toast during a luncheon at Prague Castle in Prague Prague, Czech Republic, April 8, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

New Zeal Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has congratulated US President Barack Obama on his re-election victory, while expressing relief that Moscow will not have to deal with the Republican challenger Mitt Romney. From Kremlin propaganda station Russia Today: "Congratulations!" Medvedev tweeted in English to Barack Obama, who emerged victorious in a tight race against Mitt Romney. "Obama is an … [Read more...]

We Must Remain In The Fight


NoisyRoom   Never in my wildest dreams did I believe I would have to write this post. I was wrong on the election - massively wrong. But not for the reasons the Left will claim. I fervently believe that the election was lost due to massive voter fraud in swing states. Virtually every Marxist was elected last night including Obama. Mia Love lost when she was way ahead in Utah... Allen West lost in Florida. … [Read more...]

Shameful Media Coverage of Benghazi Scandal and Cover-up


Accuracy in Media Regardless of the outcome of the presidential election on November 6th, the most outrageous media malpractice of the election has been coverage of the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya on September 11th that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others, including two former Navy SEALs. From the outset, Obama and other people speaking for the administration claimed that the attack was … [Read more...]

Today America Wins or Dies (Simpson)

James Simpson

Excerpt from Today America Wins or Dies  We have all felt it. The slow decline. The inevitable disappointment. It seems like we can’t win anymore. Why? Because we are not allowed to. It is not politically correct. The president himself said that he was “worried about using the term ‘victory’” in Afghanistan. We shouldn’t be thinking of the war on terror in terms of victory. What then? There … [Read more...]