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By: Renee Nal | New Zeal

Google celebrates Yuri Kochiyama

Google celebrates Yuri Kochiyama

Yuri Kochiyama was celebrated with a “Google Doodle” on what would have been her 95th birthday. The hardcore Maoist and one-time convert to Islam died at 93. According to her file at, Trevor Loudon’s site that profiles tens of thousands of American radicals, Kochiyama was heavily influenced by radical Black Nationalist Malcolm X.

Kochiyama’s focus shifted from “racial integration” to separatism, which was, how she described it, “total liberation.”

A lifelong radical activist, Yuri Kochiyama traveled to Cuba with the Venceremos Brigade.

She said in part:

“It was such a golden opportunity to work, study, and learn about global liberation struggles and socialism in Cuba. There are still Brigades going to Cuba today…”


“An unexpected highlight for many Brigadistas, especially the Blacks, was the brief encounters with the highly esteemed, recognized folk hero, Black revolutionary Assata Shakur. Seeing Shakur and her daughter looking well and strong was heartwarming. Another delight for us was the quick meeting with Don Rojas, the former press secretary for Grenada’s beloved martyred Prime Minister, Maurice Bishop, on the last night of our stay.”

Yuri Kochiyama in photo with Malcolm X after he was shot.

Yuri Kochiyama in photo with Malcolm X after he was shot.

This is how Google euphemistically describes Yuri Kochiyama:

It’s with great pleasure that Google celebrates Yuri Kochiyama, an Asian American activist who dedicated her life to the fight for human rights and against racism and injustice. Born in California, Kochiyama spent her early twenties in a Japanese American internment camp in Arkansas during WWII. She and her family would later move to Harlem, where she became deeply involved in African American, Latino, and Asian American liberation and empowerment movements. Today’s doodle by Alyssa Winans features Kochiyama taking a stand at one of her many protests and rallies.

Kochiyama left a legacy of advocacy: for peace, U.S. political prisoners, nuclear disarmament, and reparations for Japanese Americans interned during the war. She was known for her tireless intensity and compassion, and remained committed to speaking out, consciousness-raising, and taking action until her death in 2014.

Hat Tip: John

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The Rapid Fall of Socialist Venezuela Thu, 19 May 2016 14:15:31 +0000

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton |


I have never seen a country in my lifetime devolve as fast as Venezuela has and I fear it is a window into our future considering the way things are going here in the States. This was the very predictable outcome for Venezuela thanks to Hugo Chavez implementing socialism/communism in the country. But instead of an uber slow, painful decline, Venezuela is getting all their pain pretty much at once. Depending on the next president (and it really doesn’t matter at this stage whether it is Clinton or Trump), we could see something very similar occur here. All the ingredients are in the mix to make it happen and fast.

Not long ago, Venezuelans would never have imagined that they would be starving and cooking their pets up for dinner. Sadly, that is exactly what is happening now. That and widespread violence. Last week, they burned a looter alive as an example to everyone else. This is what the endgame looks like in a despotic regime… we watch it like it is reality TV, but to Venezuelans, it is just reality and it is deadly. Radical Leftists were allowed to rule a wealthy country and this is the outcome. They had more proven oil reserves than anyone else on the planet, including Saudi Arabia. But those at the top ripped off the wealth and made sure everyone else was equally repressed and in want. Eventually, the system collapsed as it always does under this form of government. And violence and death follow every single time.

Venezuela1Now there are massive food shortages… people can’t even get toilet paper. Bread lines are a stark reality. Looting is taking place everywhere and every violent crime imaginable is being committed in broad daylight… no hope is coming for these victims and thanks to their government, they are not armed. If you will remember, Chavez was elected, then passed a law that got him named as president for life. Then he had the military seize the media. Businesses followed suit soon after. Now, chaos reigns.

Just how did such a wealthy country fall so fast? Look to the principles of socialism and communism. President Maduro has now declared a 60-day state of emergency in a desperate attempt to restore order. But he is also seizing all businesses. Inflation is wildly out of control there and the economy is systematically imploding. Their economy has shrunk by 5.7% last year and it is projected it will contract by another 8% in 2016. The official inflation rate in Venezuela now is 720% this year and it will be a horrific 2,200% next year.

If a family has any money at all, they run to the store and buy whatever they can, because that money will be worth far less in an hour, not just a day. Hello, Weimar Republic. This has created devastating shortages of food, basic supplies and medicine. Not only are people starving to death, those with medical conditions are dropping like flies.

By morning, three newborns were already dead.

The day had begun with the usual hazards: chronic shortages of antibiotics, intravenous solutions, even food. Then a blackout swept over the city, shutting down the respirators in the maternity ward.

Doctors kept ailing infants alive by pumping air into their lungs by hand for hours. By nightfall, four more newborns had died.

Venezuela2Electricity is scarce and now, a two-day workweek has been imposed on many government employees in a desperate move to conserve energy. Most people aren’t working at all now. They are trying to survive. Crime is so prevalent, that most people self-curfew and lock themselves in before dark. And so it goes…

Leading the crime spree and ruling the streets now are the mafia and gangs. But a lot of crime is committed just by those that are hungry and are forced to steal to survive. In the first quarter of 2016, there were 107 reported incidents of looting or attempted looting in Venezuela. I’m sure there were many, many more than that.

From The Economic Collapse blog:

Crowds of people in Venezuela have stolen flour, chicken and even underwear this week as looting increases across the country in the wake of shortages of many basic products. Many people have adopted the habit of getting up in the dead of night to spend hours in long lines in front of supermarkets. But as more end up empty-handed and black market prices soar, plundering is rising in Venezuela, an Opec nation that was already one of the world’s most violent countries.

There is no official data, but the Venezuelan Observatory for Social Conflict, a rights group, have reported 107 episodes of looting or attempted looting in the first quarter of 2016. Videos of crowds breaking into shops, swarming on to trucks or fighting over products frequently make the rounds on social media, though footage is often hard to confirm.

On May 11th, thousands of hungry people stormed Maracay Wholesale Market in central Venezuela. The police could not stop them…

“They took milk, pasta, flour, oil, and milk powder. There were 5,000 people,” one witness told Venezuela outlet El Estímulo.

People from across the entire state came to the supermarket because there were rumors that some products not found anywhere else would be sold there.

“There were 250 people for each National Guard officer… lots of people and few soldiers. At least one officer was beat up because he tried to stop the crowd,” another source told El Estímulo.

This is by no means an isolated incident. When people get hungry, they get desperate and violent. There have been reports of looting at “pharmacies, shopping malls, supermarkets, and food delivery trucks.” During some of these episodes there have actually been people chanting “we are hungry.” Many are scavenging dumpsters and trash cans for food. When you are hungry, you will do anything to get food. Anything.

Cue the dining on dogs and cats:

Ramón Muchacho, Mayor of Chacao in Caracas, said the streets of the capital of Venezuela are filled with people killing animals for food.

Through Twitter, Muchacho reported that in Venezuela, it is a “painful reality” that people “hunt cats, dogs and pigeons” to ease their hunger.

Venezuela4Here is Business Insider’s explanation…

The real culprit is chavismo, the ruling philosophy named for Chavez and carried forward by Maduro, and its truly breathtaking propensity for mismanagement (the government plowed state money arbitrarily into foolish investments); institutional destruction (as Chavez and then Maduro became more authoritarian and crippled the country’s democratic institutions); nonsense policy-making (like price and currency controls); and plain thievery (as corruption has proliferated among unaccountable officials and their friends and families).

Sounds a lot like what is going on here in the US. Obama has incompetently and purposefully mismanaged our money as well. Our national debt has risen $8 trillion since Obama has been in office. Corruption is everywhere and people are stealing America blind in the name of wealth redistribution. Our debt is double the size it was before the last crisis.

Venezuela5Our Constitutional Republic means next to nothing anymore. Obama has all but destroyed it and Clinton or Trump will finish it off. Our policies and laws mean nothing as well and we are being regulated to death. Thievery and corruption are totally out of control. The elite and special interest groups spend massive amounts of money to get their favorites into office, and in turn those politicians shower their good friends with money and favors. Threats of silencing the media and enemies about in political campaigns now. Thuggery has become the norm.

The US is a massive consumer, but doesn’t manufacture much anymore. We don’t have the oil wealth that Venezuela has, so the potential for us to collapse is even greater than there. We will definitely reap what we sow here. And it is coming like a freight train.

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Dopes, Doping, and the Russian-Iranian Nuclear Threat Thu, 19 May 2016 12:11:55 +0000

By: Cliff Kincaid | Accuracy in Media


The Russians have been doping their athletes, but we are the dopes. In a scandal worse than failing to deal with ISIS, the Obama administration has been caught facilitating the nuclear buildups of Russia and Iran. The lives of millions of Americans and Israelis hang in the balance.

Playing a pivotal role over the years in America’s decline and the rapid rise of Russia and China stands Henry Kissinger, the former secretary of state who met for an hour with Donald J. Trump on Wednesday. Kissinger has also served as a “tutor” to Hillary Clinton in foreign affairs. “I was very flattered when Henry Kissinger said I ran the State Department better than anybody had run it in a long time,” Mrs. Clinton remarked during one of the Democratic debates.

What some conservatives have cynically called the “invisible government,” as represented by the Council on Foreign Relations and such figures as Kissinger, seems well-positioned to come out on top in November no matter who wins.

For The Washington Post, the Russian doping scandal is a symptom of what we are up against, in terms of deception. Its editorial notes evidence that “Russian officials clandestinely carried out a doping program at the Sochi [Olympic] Games by giving athletes performance-enhancing drugs and then tampering with their urine samples to cover it up.” But those Olympic Games should have caused concern for another and more important reason. Soviet symbols, such as the hammer and sickle, weredisplayed with pride during the opening ceremony in Russia. Perhaps the Russians had not broken with their old Soviet past as many in the intelligence community had been led to believe.

After the invasion of Ukraine, Air Force General Philip M. Breedlove acknowledged the U.S. had been treating Russia as a “partner” in global affairs, and that it was a big mistake.

Have we been duped? Or are we the dopes? Or worse, has the U.S. intelligence community been infiltrated by the Russians or Russian agents? Why is Kissinger, a symbol of America’s decline, being looked to as a wise man for the future?

In the sports scandal, the Post found a connection to the FSB, the successor to the KGB that was run by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The paper explained, “The Russian Federal Security Service, a successor to the KGB, reportedly took part in the doping operation, subverting the Olympic ideal and soiling one of the globe’s most prestigious events.” The Post added this scandal to many others, including “the siphoning off of its riches by Mr. Putin’s cronies, the harassment and murder of Mr. Putin’s foes, the promotion of dishonest propaganda and the way Russia has sought to undermine Ukraine with violence. Russia’s behavior in Sochi makes the Reagan proverb ‘trust, but verify’ seem quaint. There can be no trusting as long as Mr. Putin is in charge.”

The Washington Post quoting Ronald Reagan? That may be a first.

So if the Russians cheated at sports, what about arms control agreements? We know that they have cheated there as well. The Obama administration admits Russia’s violations of the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), but won’t do anything about it.

Rather than confront Russia, President Obama will visit Hiroshima to talk about the dangers of nuclear weapons. Without saying so explicitly, the purpose of the visit is to highlight how the United States ended World War II by using nuclear arms. That is supposed to be a black mark on our past.

Yet, our enemies are in the process of being able to turn the United States into a giant Hiroshima. Since dropping the pretense that Russia is our “partner” in foreign affairs, our top generals have been warning repeatedly that Russia is modernizing its nuclear arsenal and now poses an “existential” threat. Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) has warned that the U.S. intelligence community badly misjudged Russian intentions, failing to anticipate Russian aggression in Europe and the Middle East. He compares the magnitude of this failure of intelligence to the 9/11 terrorist attacks on American soil.

Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy confirms the nuclear disadvantage we are facing. His interview with Dr. Mark Schneider, Senior Analyst with the National Institute for Public Policy, is chilling.

As the Russian threat grows, the administration has been caught lying about the nuclear deal with Iran. Frank Gaffney, in his own commentary, calls this “national security fraud,” noting that Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications, Ben Rhodes, and others manipulated “the inexperience, incompetence and sympathy for the Obama agenda of much of today’s media…” The Iran nuclear agreement was a trick, a deception designed to fool the American people and their elected representatives. A few Senate Republicans have called for Rhodes to be fired or forced to resign his post.

Meanwhile, Russian delivery of S-300 missiles to Iran has been confirmed. A pro-Russian website is gleeful, noting, “The single most important aspect of this development is the fact that both the U.S. and Israel are known to be concerned that the Russian weapons will prevent a surprise airstrike on Iranian nuclear facilities.”

Enter Rep. Peter King (R-NY), who considered Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) absolutely unacceptable as a presidential candidate, even though Cruz had been in the forefront of demanding that the administration hold Russia accountable for its violations of the INF treaty.

King says he is willing to back Trump, even though he says the New York businessman has engaged in a “romance” with the Russian leader. “I still have real questions with him as far as national security” is concerned, King told CBS’s “Face the Nation” on May 15.

King had other concerns about Trump, saying, “I don’t think his Asian policy is coherent, because, again, if he does want to get in a trade war with China, he has to explain how that coincides with him wanting to use China against North Korea. If he wants to have leverage over China, how can he be talking about taking troops out of Japan and Korea? Does he know that it costs more to take the troops out than to leave them there? And does he realize that that would just weaken our leverage against China?”

On the same program, Robert Gates, the former U.S. secretary of defense, said, “You can’t have a trade war with China and then turn around and ask them to help you on North Korea. I have no idea what his policy would be in terms of dealing with ISIS. I worry a little bit about his admiration for Vladimir Putin.”

Michael Hayden, the former director of the CIA and NSA, says he just can’t vote for Trump, citing his stands on various security-related issues and lack of depth on foreign policy. He had previously stated that former Secretary of State Clinton, who lied about Benghazi, is better “prepared” than Trump for the presidency.

But why is Hayden’s judgment worth anything? The intelligence community he ran and represents has been a disaster. As Rep. Nunes indicated, the CIA didn’t anticipate Russian’s rearmament and military aggression. What’s more, the NSA was infiltrated by analyst Edward Snowden, who stole over one million secret documents and handed them over to our enemies.

Wired magazine published a photo of Snowden and Hayden at a “gala” together in 2011.

More recently, the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, was photographed sitting next to Putin at a Moscow gala honoring the Moscow-funded propaganda channel RT (Russia Today). Flynn is now an adviser to Trump.

Russia has been caught doping its athletes, but the more dangerous form of doping consists of the dopes in the U.S. intelligence community who misjudged the Russians and now run around masquerading as experts and writing books on intelligence. Where is the accountability for these massive failures of intelligence? Who has been fired?

Writer Erik Shilling notes that, in July, the presumed presidential nominees—Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton—will get intelligence briefings, “featuring several hours of top secret information…”

Mrs. Clinton’s reputation as a security risk is well-known. Donald Trump’s “romance” with Putin has been acknowledged and criticized by one of his congressional supporters.

As my old friend “Jimmy from Brooklyn” says, “It’s amazing we’ve lasted this long.”

In this context, it is significant that Trump, who says he opposes “globalism,” met Wednesday with the top globalist, former Secretary of State Kissinger, a mentor to Mrs. Clinton.

It has been reported that Kissinger’s secretive firm, Kissinger Associates, Inc., does business in Russia. We know that Trump has been looking at business opportunities in Russia since the Soviet days. So they should get along well. In his introduction to the 2002 book, The New Russian Diplomacy, by Russian official Igor S. Ivanov, Kissinger discussed how Russia and the U.S. “have a rare opportunity to work together in building a new international system.” Despite Russian aggression in Europe and the Middle East, that appears to be Trump’s approach.

Mrs. Clinton’s Russian reset backfired, but Trump is prepared to try it again. America first? Don’t bet on it.

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Vermont College “Feels the Bern” and Closes Wed, 18 May 2016 12:39:58 +0000

By: Cliff Kincaid | Accuracy in Media


The wife of the socialist candidate promising free college is being blamed for closing down a college in Vermont. Burlington College is going out of business, thanks to debt incurred under the leadership of its former president Jane Sanders, also known as “educator” Dr. Jane Sanders.

Alluding to the “Feel the Bern” rallying cry for the presidential campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), the publication Politico noted that his wife had made a big-ticket purchase during her tenure as head of the small, private college in Vermont “and, in the end, the institution got burned.”

“Anything is Possible,” it says at the top of the Burlington College website. However, the Sanders’ socialist financial magic didn’t work at the college. It ran out of money, as socialists and their institutions usually do.

“Burlington College: Start a Fire” is the gimmicky slogan used to attract students to this unorthodox institution of higher learning. A fire sale would be more appropriate. It’s not clear how long the “Cuba Semester Abroad” program at Burlington College will continue. Officially, the college closes down on May 27.

Sanders and his wife sometimes campaign under the banner, “A Future to Believe In.” That future in higher education does not lie at Burlington College.

Yet, Sanders has been campaigning for months on the basis of giving students access to a free college education and relieving the burden of student loan debt, now estimated at $1.2 trillion nationally.

It was all a fraud—a scam—and his wife, Dr. Jane Sanders, was directly involved in the financial shenanigans. Incredibly, she was given a “golden parachute” worth $200,000 after putting the college in a precarious financial situation. Though he and his wife have a portfolio of stocks and properties worth more than $1 million, on the campaign trail Sanders has said he lives a frugal life and doesn’t care about money or status.

Interestingly, students at Burlington College could get a minor in “Media Studies,” including coursework in “media activism and social movements.” Perhaps they ought to focus their investigative talents on the wife of the socialist candidate running for the Democratic presidential nomination, a woman whose actions contributed to the destruction of an institution of higher learning.

What did Jane Sanders know and when did she know it? The same questions should also be applied to Senator Sanders.

The Jane Sanders link to the destruction of the college could not be hidden and was even highlighted in a CNN article that carried the headline, “Jane Sanders’ former college closes doors citing burden of land deal she orchestrated.” But a Sanders campaign spokesman told CNN that the campaign had “no comment at the moment.”

Suddenly, the disclosure Sanders has asked for from Hillary Clinton, in regard to her Wall Street speeches, was nowhere to be found in regard to Jane Sanders and the Burlington College debacle.

AIM had cited her involvement with the college in a previous article, “Financial Scandals Follow Socialist Millionaire Sanders.”

Back then, we said, “By any standard of fair and objective news reporting, a candidate who promises ‘free college’ to America’s young people should be asked to address the issue of his wife’s financial shenanigans almost bankrupting an institution of higher learning.”

Now that bankruptcy has become a reality, as the college is closing its campus, perhaps the major liberal media will demand accountability from the Sanders.

The Washington Post headline, “Vermont college that Bernie Sanders’s wife once led is closing,” did not quite grasp the magnitude of what had happened under Jane Sanders’ leadership. But the story did not beat around the bush, noting that Burlington College was closing under “the crushing weight” of debt incurred during her presidency.

A Politico story admitted, “The closure is directly related to a big-ticket purchase that Jane Sanders spearheaded during her tenure.” Vanity Fair headlined its story, “Bernie Sanders’s wife drove Burlington College into the ground with a costly expansion.”

Brady C. Toensing, a partner with the law firm of diGenova & Toensing, has filed a legal complaint with federal authorities requesting an investigation into apparent federal bank fraud committed by Ms. Sanders.

At the news conference announcing the closure, a terse “no comment” was offered by the college in regard to official investigations of the circumstances leading to the closure. “I have no comment” was also offered about the role of Jane Sanders in the debacle.

The left-wing magazine The Nation interviewed Jane Sanders about her work as an “educator,” asking what she would do in this field if her husband were elected president. “I see my overall role, if I had the honor, as listening to the voices here in America that are not being heard and putting them out there for people to hear, but also researching and learning some of the best practices everywhere else and bringing them back here and letting them be heard as well,” she said. “Kind of a megaphone.”

Nothing was said about the Burlington College debacle in the interview, which was conducted by a volunteer in the Bernie Sanders for president campaign.

Let’s see if the media “megaphone” holds Mrs. Sanders responsible for depriving students in Vermont of the college education they were promised.

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AIM Editor on Conservative Commandos About Obama Legacy Tour Wed, 18 May 2016 12:13:44 +0000

Accuracy in Media


AIM Editor Roger Aronoff appeared last week on the Philadelphia, PA Conservative Commandos radio show to talk about his recent article, “President Obama’s Deceitful Legacy Tour.”

When asked by the hosts if he could list any accomplishments by President Obama over the last seven years, Aronoff said that “as far as what [Obama has] done that’s improved either the economy or healthcare, or the situation around the world, it’s really hard to come up with one.” Aronoff noted that the press are regularly complicit in peddling the Obama administration narrative.

Obama routinely receives praise from the press regarding his flawed Iran Deal. “The thing that most people don’t even realize about that is there is no Iran deal,” said Aronoff. That’s because, Aronoff says, “There was nothing ever signed.”

“And that’s why they go on with doing all these things that most people think, ‘well, isn’t that a violation of the agreement or of the UN Resolutions that are sort of involved in that?’” he continued.  “And, in fact, there is no agreement.”

So while Iran pursues nuclear weapons under a mantle of international legitimacy, Obama receives praise for a job well done. “And there’s no question that so many in the media give him credit for this great accomplishment,” said Aronoff, continuing, “and that’s going to be the way most of the liberal historians are going to mark it, that he was able to make this great deal when no one else could.”

Another signature Obama accomplishment is Obamacare, which was supposed to increase health care access and quality of care. Instead, it has increased part-time employment and led to much higher deductibles and skyrocketing premiums, Aronoff argues. “Obamacare, does that ring a bell with anybody?” asked Aronoff. “I mean that has forced so many employment decisions, depending on the size of the company, and you need to keep your part-time people under 30 hours so you don’t have to cover their health insurance.”

He described the Obamacare law has having “unintended” and “catastrophic” consequences.

President Obama prefers to cast his real-world accomplishments in negatives, to show that he forestalled a worse future. However, as Aronoff noted in his article, “Saying that things could have been worse without Obama’s policy interventions is an argument based on counterfactual reasoning, as if the President could somehow know the future that he avoided.” On Obamacare, the Iran Deal, and even the economy, President Obama’s alleged successes are really debacles.

One need only look to the state of the economy. While the press stresses that unemployment rates have fallen to only five percent, the labor participation rate reveals a darker picture. “But if you really look at the statistics and what’s gone on, and then they [the media] point to the fact that oh, we have a five percent unemployment rate,” said Aronoff. “That figure alone doesn’t tell you anything, really, because we have the lowest labor participation rate since the 1970s.”

You can listen to the complete interview here.

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Can Conservative Ryan Accept Liberal Trump? Tue, 17 May 2016 22:34:53 +0000

By: Cliff Kincaid | Accuracy in Media


House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) is standing in the way of a hostile takeover of the Republican Party by liberal Democrat Donald J. Trump, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee for 2016. Ryan told CNN’s Jake Tapper on May 5, “I think conservatives want to know, ‘Does he share our values and our principles on limited government, the proper role of the executive, adherence to the Constitution?’” Trumpresponded by saying, in part, that “I am not ready to support Speaker Ryan’s agenda.”

So what is the Ryan agenda? These are some of the items on that agenda and what Trump has to say about them:

  • Ryan became known as an advocate of reforms of entitlement spending programs that threaten to bankrupt the nation. “If we don’t reform our programs, they’re going to go bankrupt,” Ryan points out. Trump, by contrast, says that he will leave entitlement spending untouched. Indeed, Trump called attention to a liberal campaign attack ad purporting to show Ryan pushing a grandmother off of a cliff. “Remember the wheelchair being pushed over the cliff when you had Ryan chosen as your vice president?” he said to a crowd at a South Carolina rally. “That was the end of the campaign, by the way, when they chose Ryan.”
  • Ryan consistently gets a 100 percent rating from the National Right to Life Committee. Trump, by contrast, said in 1999 that he would not ban partial birth abortion and that, “I’m very pro-choice.” He now claims to be pro-life.
  • “Student debt is now bigger than credit card debt,” Ryan says. “Why don’t we break up the college cartel and let students try different options?” In a 2014 speech and policy document, Ryan proposed giving students more options through accreditation reform that would increase competition and reduce costs. Ryan calls this breaking up the “college cartel.” By contrast, Trump has no “official plan” to deal with college costs, except to somehow reform the federal student loan system, The Daily Caller has reported. The publication Inside Higher Ed says a Trump college education plan is now “emerging” under the guidance of Sam Clovis, the national co-chair and policy director of Trump’s campaign. Clovis is described as a tenured professor of economics at Morningside College, a small private college in Iowa.

In refusing to endorse Trump, Ryan told Tapper, “…as a conservative, I want to see a verification that our conservative principles will be championed, will be run on, will be represented, and will be brought to the public in the country in a way that’s appealing for us to be successful.”

Ryan, who earned a degree in economics and political science at Miami University of Ohio, has been a member of the conservative movement for more than two decades. He worked as an aide to Senator Bob Kasten (R-WI) on the Senate Small Business Committee, did policy analysis at the think tank Empower America for former Congressman Jack Kemp (R-NY), and then served as legislative director to then-Congressman Sam Brownback (R-KS). He moved back to Wisconsin in 1998 where he ran for Congress and was elected. He was chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee and the House Budget Committee, and running mate for Mitt Romney in 2012, before being elected House speaker in 2015. His website describes him as a “committed conservative” who advocates “real solutions that will expand opportunity for all Americans.”

He told Tapper, “I think we sometimes forget just how successful we have been. We have the biggest house majority since 1928. We have 54 Republican Senate seats. We have state legislative majorities and governorships that we haven’t seen in years and decades. And so we’ve done extremely well. Our party is having, enjoying success because we’ve unified around common conservative principles, and we have one more hill to climb, one more mountaintop. That’s the presidency.”

Trump’s involvement with the conservative movement mostly consists of financial contributions to the American Conservative Union in recent years, at a time when he was considering running for president as a Republican.

Trump keeps saying that he’s gotten millions of votes in the Republican presidential primaries. By contrast, Ryan was officially elected as speaker of the House after he got the votes of 236 members by the full House of Representatives.

The Heritage Action Scorecard gives Ryan an overall grade of 63 percent, which is the average for House Republicans. For the year 2015, the American Conservative Uniongave Ryan a 78 percent, with a lifetime rating of 89 percent.

A rating system devised by political scientists Keith Poole and Howard Rosenthaldetermined that Ryan “would be the most conservative House speaker in generations.” The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel said “he has spent much of his career pushing the GOP in a more conservative direction on the role of government and urging his party to be bolder in drawing contrasts with Democrats.”

By contrast, Trump has said, “Don’t forget—this is called the Republican Party. It’s not called the Conservative Party.” This comment came during an ABC “This Week” interview and appeared in a Washington Post article headlined, “How Donald Trump is running to the left of Hillary Clinton.”

Trump supporter Newt Gingrich, a former Republican House Speaker, acknowledged on “Fox News Sunday” on May 15 that “Donald Trump is not a traditional conservative. He has never claimed to be a traditional conservative…”

On the same program, Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS), a member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, said Trump is “certainly not a conservative.” He explained, “You look at the issues, particularly issues of the heart like issues of life and marriage and family that are clear in our party platform. I mean, here is the guy who suggested he was going to appoint his pro-abortion sister to the U.S. Supreme Court and that seems to be the remaining issue—is that conservatives are supposed to vote for Donald Trump because of Supreme Court nominees.” He also cited “this bathroom [transgender] issue” that Trump has been “all over the map on…”

He added, “I have a nine-year-old and he can’t even listen to the guy on television. How will he bridge that gap? I don’t know. But when you live and die by the media and that was his entire primary campaign, it’s going to be a tough election moving into November 8th.”

The comments of Huelskamp, who supported conservative Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) during the campaign, were preceded by similar remarks from Cruz himself. “This election will be studied for the role of the media, and in particular network executives, that they made in terms of promoting the candidate that they had chosen, they wanted to win,” Cruz said, after having dropped out of the race. “Trump has received now over $3 billion in free airtime.”

But Cruz predicted that the news organizations that favored Trump with massive coverage will now unleash a “ferocious fury” against him, in order to elect Hillary Clinton as president. Cruz said, “…I think it’s a very dangerous dynamic that we have right now.”

In a joint statement after their first meeting, on May 12, Ryan and Trump referred to Republican “shared principles” and a “conservative agenda,” but acknowledged “differences.” It’s difficult to see how those “differences” can be bridged to the satisfaction of conservatives like Huelskamp. And even if they can be bridged or papered over, what about the media “fury” that will now be used to destroy his campaign, partly by using his own inflammatory and vulgar words against him?

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Trump Embraces the Establishment He Once Scorned Tue, 17 May 2016 22:20:04 +0000

By: Renee Nal | New Zeal

Donald Trump IS the establishment Photographer: John Taggart/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Donald Trump IS the establishment Photographer: John Taggart/Bloomberg via Getty Images

“You know, the top people, senators, and all these people, a lot of them don’t know me. A lot of them do because, as you know, I’ve been in politics for a long time…I used to be establishment. You know, I’d write big checks all the time, right? I was establishment. When I did this [run for president], I was sort of very anti-establishment.” – Donald Trump on Sean Hannity, February 29

Donald Trump has recently embraced the reviled and traitorous Republican establishment in such a breathtaking manner that if citizens did not already understand that Donald Trump is, was and has always been “establishment,” engaged Americans are once again given a clear sign that the whole “anti-establishment” act was a ruse, much like Trump’s “self funding” scam.

Consider that recently, former House Speaker John Boehner “said he has played golf with Donald Trump for years and that they were ‘texting buddies.'” 

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Islamist London Tue, 17 May 2016 10:41:32 +0000

By: Andrew McCarthy | Accuracy in Media


I am afraid that grim reality requires choosing the second of David Pryce-Jones’s two ways of looking at London’s election of Sadiq Khan as mayor: By choosing an enabler of Muslim extremism, the British are losing control of their destiny.

In the run-up to the mayoral election, the invaluable Daniel Johnson, editor ofStandpoint, provided the essential backdrop:

Indeed, what has emerged before our eyes in Britain is a kind of Islamist state within a state…. A new survey by ICM with the former head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Trevor Phillips, for Channel Four and the Sunday Times confirms that Salafists are fast becoming the dominant influence on British Islam. Nearly a quarter (23 per cent) of a sample of 1,081 adult Muslims want to see “areas of Britain in which sharia law is introduced instead of British law”. Nearly a third (31 per cent) of them think “it is acceptable for a British Muslim to keep more than one wife”, even though polygamy is in theory punishable by up to five years imprisonment. Wives should “always obey their husbands”, according to 39 per cent; the survey did not ask about the Koran’s injunction to husbands to “chastise” their wives, but Trevor Phillips sees it as “a clear invitation to legitimise domestic violence”. About 5 per cent of British Muslims sympathise with stoning adulterers. That may seem a small percentage, but only 66 per cent completely condemn such executions. This suggests that about a third would go along with such punishments under certain circumstances.

The most striking of all the ICM statistics concern homosexuality. Only 18 per cent of Muslims think it should be legal in Britain, while more than half (52 per cent) would ban it. Up to half of the latter group, it is fair to assume, also support sharia law, which prescribes the death penalty for homosexuality. If most British Muslims hold such hostile attitudes towards same-sex attraction, it is not surprising that – to take one example – a recent gay participant on the TV reality show First Dates explained how he had been beaten up by other Muslims so badly that he was in hospital for months….

… Like many other Londoners, I have Muslim friends and neighbours who have embraced Western values. Often, they have married non-Muslims. But that makes them untypical: fewer than 10 per cent of Muslims live in mixed relationships and just 3 per cent of Muslim children grow up in mixed households. While more than half of Muslims do mix with non-Muslims at work or in college, friendships do not always result: a fifth of them never enter a non-Muslim home. Many have hostile attitudes to non-Muslims. A Pew survey in 2006, for example, found that 47 per cent of British Muslims held unfavourable views of Jews; unfortunately, the ICM poll shows that up to 44 per cent are still anti-Semitic…. The ICM poll shows that eight out of 10 Muslims here do feel British. But with mass immigration from more illiberal Muslim cultures, higher birthrates in more segregated communities and a growing number of non-Muslims who are converted to Salafism, liberal Muslims are a shrinking minority.


Here in London, which is home to about a third of British Muslims (including thousands of migrants who live below the radar of the authorities), we have already seen the assertion of power by political Islam. The takeover of Tower Hamlets by a corrupt Islamist politician, Lutfur Rahman, may be a harbinger of things to come. Last year he was removed from office by special commissioners, but for five years Rahman and his cronies ran a borough of nearly 300,000 people, distributing a budget of more than £1 billion. It is worth noting that after being ousted from the Labour Party, he was able to replace it with a notionally “independent” but in practice sectarian group, even though Muslims officially make up only a third of the population. The Muslim “block vote” is such a formidable electoral force that for Islamists to dominate a city it does not need to have a Muslim majority.

The Islamist voting pattern clearly vaulted Sadiq Khan. Johnson notes that the Muslim vote is crucial to Labour because, for example, “[a]t least ten London boroughs have large, mainly conservative Muslim communities, where children grow up in an Islamic monoculture and women are covered or veiled.”

Khan is an admirer of Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the highly influential Muslim Brotherhood sharia jurist who backs Hamas’s jihad against Israel, supported violent jihad against American troops in Iraq, and has promised that Islamists “will conquer Europe, we will conquer America! Not through the sword but through dawa!” (Dawa is fundamentalist Islam’s aggressive form of proselytism.)  (Qaradawi figures prominently in two of my books, The Grand Jihad and Spring Fever, my Broadside pamphlet Islam and  Free Speech, and I’ve profiled him a number of columns, see, e.g., here. The Investigative Project outlines a number of his more memorable quotes, here.)

As I’ve previously detailed, Qaradawi is a leading force behind the “voluntary apartheid” scheme that exhorts Muslims to “integrate but don’t assimilate” in the West. The objective is to set up enclaves in which Muslims, once achieving a critical mass, pressure the home government to allow them to govern their affairs in accordance with sharia. That brings us back to Daniel Johnson:

We now know that in the past Sadiq Khan, who as a left-wing human rights solicitor represented Muslim extremists, was happy to make compromises with the Salafist attitudes that prevail in many London mosques. In 2004, he supported incorporating sharia law into the British legal system: “There are some . . . uncontroversial areas of Islamic law which could easily be applied to the legal system . . . in the UK.” What Khan had in mind by “uncontroversial” was the legitimisation of polygamy, by altering inheritance tax law to allow husbands to divide their estates between several wives while enjoying the tax exemption normally applicable to a single spouse. He called this “applying common sense”, but it was yet another step towards de facto recognition of polygamy by the law. Muslims have long been claiming welfare benefits for multiple wives; the only condition is that they must have married them abroad.

In 2007, Khan questioned the need for the criminal law to be used to stop forced marriages, claiming that such “ghetto” legislation would stereotype Muslims. Of course, he glossed over the fact that forced marriage was almost exclusively a Muslim problem in Britain. It is hard to avoid the conclusion that Khan is a typical left-wing cultural relativist – and they are a big part of London’s problem. Despite having made his career as a human rights lawyer, Khan has never challenged the conspiracy of silence about certain offences – such as forced marriage and abduction, female gentile mutilation and “honour crimes” – that are committed mainly by Salafist and other fundamentalist Muslims on a huge scale, yet are rarely or never prosecuted in Britain. Nor did he expose grooming by Muslim gangs.

Under Mayor Khan, London will undoubtedly deserve more than ever the ironical nickname it earned a decade ago among European intelligence services: “Londonistan”. It is hard to imagine Khan taking the tough measures to root out Isis cells hidden inside Muslim ghettos that have been forced on French and Belgian police forces since the attacks on Paris and Brussels. Even in the aftermath of a similar attack on London, it is inconceivable that Khan would risk the accusation that he had turned his back on his Muslim heritage. His opinions change according to need; his allegiance doesn’t.


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Katrina Pierson Compares Trump’s Muslim Ban To Obama’s False ‘Keep Your Doctor’ Promise Mon, 16 May 2016 11:59:38 +0000

Hat Tip: The RightScoop

Katrina Pierson

Just wow… so, Katrina Pierson, Trump’s face to the public, had the nerve to actually compare Trump’s ban on Muslims to Obama’s ‘if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor’ lies. It’s all ‘suggestions’ and can be changed in an instant evidently. When I told you he would not keep his promises… he would not build the wall… that everything was negotiable… this is what I meant.

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TIMELINE: Flip-Flopping Donald Now Wants To Raise The Federal Minimum Wage (Video) Sun, 15 May 2016 23:20:15 +0000

By: Renee Nal | New Zeal

Trump tweets that he wants to raise federal minimum wage

Trump tweets that he wants to raise federal minimum wage

Donald Trump repeatedly blatantly changes his positions on a whim and his position on whether or not there should be a federal minimum wage is no exception. The idea of a “minimum wage” is antithetical to conservatism, as it interferes with the free market. A minimum wage, particularly one unconstitutionally set by the federal government, puts young people out of work, as it removes the bottom rung of the ladder.

Donald Trump has expressed his support for the federal minimum wage. Donald Trump also said he wanted the minimum wage to be set by the states. Donald Trump said the current federal minimum wage is too low. Donald Trump also said a low minimum wage is a good thing.

Here is a list of Donald Trump’s actual words on the minimum wage:

  • August 20, 2015: ““Now, I want to create jobs so that you don’t have to worry about the minimum wage, you’re doing a great job, and you’re making much more than the minimum wage,” he said via phone on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “But I think having a low minimum wage is not a bad thing for this country.”
  • November 10, 2015: “…But, taxes too high, wages too high, we’re not going to be able to compete against the world. I hate to say it, but we have to leave it the way it is. People have to go out, they have to work really hard and have to get into that upper stratum. But we cannot do this if we are going to compete with the rest of the world. We just can’t do it.”

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Hate Crime Turns Out To Be Death By Marijuana Sat, 14 May 2016 11:38:23 +0000

Accuracy in Media

Hate Crime

So marijuana is harmless and doesn’t kill people? Consider the case of black Muslim teenager Hamza Warsame, who took a toke and plunged to his death. His friends from the hood blamed it on a non-existent white man who allegedly pushed the kid to his death.

The headline in last December’s New York Times story was certainly ominous: “Assertions of Hate Crime in Seattle After a Somali-American Teenager Falls to His Death.” The paper said, “The death of the boy, Hamza Warsame, has prompted outrage among members of the Muslim community here, amid assertions—it is not clear from whom—that he was beaten and pushed to his death by a white man.”

Notice how a “white man” was blamed, despite the complete lack of evidence. Where did the allegations come from? The Times seemed not to know.

We now know that the black Muslim teen, a student at Seattle Central College, died from a fall after smoking dope for the first time. In fact, “relatively high levels” of tetrahydrocannabinol, the main psychoactive constituent in marijuana, were found in Warsame’s system, The Seattle Times reported. It said that after smoking the legal dope on a smoking device called a bong, the teen “started talking in agitation about his religion and how he might have put himself in bad standing,” and then said he “needed air.” The Muslim youth “opened the door and was off the balcony before his schoolmate could react,” a report found.

“Hamza Warsame became frantic in the immediate aftermath of smoking marijuana for the first time and fell to his death while likely attempting to jump from the balcony of one apartment to an adjacent building…” the local Fox TV affiliate reported, citing the results of a police probe.

It is not unusual for marijuana to incite mental illness in those who use it. In Colorado, where dope is also legal, husband and father Richard Kirk began hallucinating after eating marijuana candy, and shot and killed his wife. A lawsuit on behalf of her three sons says the marijuana industry packaged and sold a product that produced hallucinations and other psychotic behaviors but did not tell consumers about the potential dangers.

In Seattle, left-wing community organizers in Seattle immediately blamed Islamophobia for the death of the black Muslim teen.

Seattle City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant had written, “Some reports suggest he was beaten and thrown from the building in an Islamophobic attack by a fellow student.” The Washington state chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations called the death “suspicious.” A protest against Islamophobia was held on December 9, 2015, at Seattle Central College over Warsame’s “unexplained” death. Picket signs included“Justice For Hamza,” “Black Lives Matter” and “Unite and Fight Islamophobia.” Onephoto showed a “F— the Police” sign being held by some Muslim demonstrators.

The death was also an opportunity to attack capitalism.

In the same statement suggesting the Muslim teen was murdered, CouncilmemberSawant, an open socialist, put the case in the context of the oppressive capitalist system. “We are struggling for democratic socialist change, where the working people have the control, not the corporations, and where we can finally end the exploitation and oppression that drives Islamophobia, racism, and sexism within our communities,” she said.

She is described as a one-time economics instructor at Seattle Central College who had moved to Seattle in 2006 with her husband, a Microsoft engineer.

Despite the obvious problems with legal marijuana, Sawant and her comrades on the city council are now considering making Seattle the first city in the U.S. with a “safe-consumption site,” allowing people to use illegal drugs like heroin and cocaine.

The group behind the proposal is the so-called People’s Harm Reduction Alliance, which is dedicated to “protecting the human rights of Washington State drug users” and favors distributing free meth and crack pipes to addicts.

The Muslim teen isn’t the only reported death from marijuana in Washington State. Anew study  from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has found that fatal crashes involving drivers who recently used marijuana doubled in Washington after the state legalized the drug in 2012.

Peter Kissinger, President and CEO of the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, said, “The significant increase in fatal crashes involving marijuana is alarming. Washington serves as an eye-opening case study for what other states may experience with road safety after legalizing the drug.”

Murders and deaths associated with the legalization of dope in states like Washington and Colorado are the deliberate result of the Obama administration not enforcing federal drug laws. Obama was himself a member of the dope-smoking “choom gang” when he was in high school in Hawaii. Whether his heavy use of pot has had any lingering effects on his performance in office continues to generate controversy and debate.

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Amnesty Activist Dissed by Ann Coulter for Hug Met with Trump in 2013 Thu, 12 May 2016 15:19:11 +0000

By: Renee Nal | New Zeal


Trump met with youth immigrant leaders Jose Machado, Diego Sanchez and nationally renowned Dreamer Gaby Pacheco of The Bridge Project at Trump Towers in New York at the request of Antonio Tijerino, President and CEO of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation. (via NBC News)

An interesting connection that never seemed to make it to the mainstream media has to do with Ann Coulter, Donald Trump, and an illegal immigration activist who “helped persuade President Obama to implement the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and was the first illegal immigrant Latina to testify before Congress.”

Last year, some readers may remember when an illegal immigrant activist named Gaby Pacheco weirdly asked Ann Coulter for a hug during an interview with Univision’s activist journalist Jorge Ramos. Coulter declined the hug, saying that she was recovering from the flu.

Watch the clip:

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